Do a good job of breast care during pregnancy, breastfeeding sexy!

Love beauty is an eternal topic, especially women’s care and protection of breasts.But once it is pregnant, how to achieve the balance between beauty and nurturing, expectant mothers are often helpless.Lack of scientific care and nursing guidance, physiological changes during pregnancy bring problems such as breast pain and discomfort, breast mass, itching nipples, and other problems.

As a professional maternal and infant care service agency, the maintenance of breasts, and Yi believes that whether it is preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, confinement period, and postpartum, each stage should have targeted health guidance and nursing services to make each one who loves beauty.Women can show sexy bodybuilding figures from the inside out!

Below, please follow the editor first to understand which breast care should be known about the pregnant mothers.

Women’s regular maintenance is important

First of all, expectant mothers should do daily breast maintenance:

1.It is very important to choose proper bras.

You should choose a larger bra to hold your breasts.Due to the growth of pregnant women’s breasts, if they do not pay attention, they will relax the breast tissue.Therefore, from 14 weeks of pregnancy, the proper bras should be selected to hold up the breasts.Small bras will compress the breasts and nipples, making the blood circulation poorly.The bras should be a shoulder strap, and the upper body should also wear loose clothes. Do not wear a tight body.

2.Note that the hygiene of the breast must not be ignored.

Due to the strong secretion of sebaceous glands in pregnant women, there are often dirt and scalp skin on the nipples, so the breasts and nipples should be cleaned with warm water daily.If the dirt on the nipples harden is hard, you cannot be cleared forcibly. You can apply natural vegetable oils such as olive oil first, and then remove it after softening.Before cleaning, cut your nails shortly and wash it to prevent the nails from being infected with the breast for too long.Persist in cleaning the nipples every day to enhance the elasticity of the nipples and thicken its epidermis, thereby resisting the sucking of the baby, so as to reduce the occurrence of nipple cracking during postpartum breastfeeding.

3. Do a good job of self -examination of the breast.

Some pregnant moms reflect that there seems to be hard blocks in the breast, and they are really worried about whether they have breast cancer! In fact, breast bloating after pregnancy, hard blocks will be more difficult to find. If the hard block is found during pregnancy, most of the hard blocks exist before pregnancy.Therefore, before pregnancy, you must conduct a monthly self -breast test.

Periodic self -detection of breasts

Breast self -testing method

1. Take off your underwear and stand in front of the mirror to check whether the height of the breast is symmetrical, the appearance and the skin is abnormal, whether the nipple is sunken or there are abnormal secretions and bleeding.

2. Raise both hands and observe whether the breast and nipples have abnormalities mentioned in step 1.

3. Lie on the bed, place your left hand under your head, and go together with your right hand four fingers. In the direction of clock, check the flat pressure method from the left nipples.Block.

4. Put back the left hand back, press the right hand under the left armpit to check whether there are lumps.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to check the right breast.

Secondly, professional breast health care and nursing, and the teacher of Yishukang nursing professional teachers gave some suggestions:

1.Professional massage of breasts is more conducive to lactation.

After cleaning the breast, put the warm and wet towel on the breast, and then gently massage from the inside out, from the outside to the inside, be gently, do not try too much force.As the breast tissue changes with the advancement of pregnancy, it is best to ask professional massage in the breast to do it.

2.The nipple depression needs to be corrected in time.

Some pregnant women’s nipples have poor nipples, and nipples, inside, or flat, which is very unfavorable to infant breastfeeding and should be corrected during pregnancy.The correction should be carried out from 17 weeks of pregnancy. The method is to wash your hands, then pull your nipples outward with your hands, and pull several times a day.If you can’t pull it out, you can press the surrounding part of the areola from the outer side, and it is easy to pull it out. You can also use a negative pressure breast pump. Of course, it is best to do it under the guidance of the doctor.

3.Periodic examination of breasts is necessary.

During pregnancy, breasts are enlarged and adenal hypertrophy. If there are lumps, it is not easy to find. Therefore, during prenatal examination, the breasts should be carefully checked to discover the disease of the breast in time.At the same time, in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, due to the expansion of breast blisters and tubular ducts, cells begin to secrete, which can easily cause infection, and even acute mastitis should be detected early, early diagnosis, and early treatment.

Breast health during pregnancy is very important!The new mothers must seize the opportunity during pregnancy, otherwise wait until the child is born. The breasts have inflammation, disease, milk stasis, and the baby is not enough to eat.

Breast health benefits during pregnancy

There are many benefits that mothers can get when breast health during pregnancy.

1. Massage can soften the breasts, make the glandular glands unblocked, and increase the flowing out of the milk.

2. Help expectant mothers to establish confidence in breastfeeding.

3. Massage the breasts to remove dirt and cotton tissue in the breasts in the milk pipes.

4. It will stimulate the nipples and areola, making the skin of the nipples stronger, and it will be easy for babies to suck in the future.

5. Prevent postpartum breast sagging.

In short, paying attention to the health of breasts during pregnancy can better prepare for postpartum breastfeeding, and the quality of breast milk will be more guaranteed, and it is more conducive to children’s health and development.

Love yourself, do breast care

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