Do I have to lose weight before pregnancy?

Medical experts suggest that obese women need to lose weight before pregnancy.

Women with weightless weights are prone to ovulation -free menstruation and less menstrual flow. This will cause things that cannot be pregnant. It is recommended that it is better to recover for a normal weight after successful weight loss. It is better to prepare for pregnancy.Preparation is one thing that must be done for a healthy baby.But how to prepare for pregnancy? Everyone thinks of eating folic acid, exercise, not staying up late, and so on.Many people have questions about whether to lose weight.

Today, we will understand whether you want to lose weight before pregnancy, and what impact will obese expectant mothers bring on children.

1. Which one is to lose weight and pregnancy first

1. The harm of obesity to the mother’s own

First of all, the fat mother will have many diseases themselves.The obese people are prone to three highs, that is, hyperglycemia, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, and women in pregnancy are sufficient and endocrine changes during pregnancy, which is more likely to get sick.Women with pregnancy will increase by 2-3 times, and the risk of hypertension during pregnancy will increase by 3-40 times.Pregnant women during pregnancy do not lose weight in order to provide nutrition for the fetus, and they also need to take a variety of foods, which also increases the probability of thrombosis in women during pregnancy.

Secondly, because the fat mother is obese, most of them will have gynecological problems such as uterine dysplasia and ovarian dysfunction, which will affect conception.

2. The influence of fat mother on the fetus

Even if the fat mother is pregnant, it will have a great impact on the fetus.First of all, fat moms are easy to give birth to huge children.High blood glucose and high blood lipids are the cause of the fetus too fast.The emergence of huge children also leads to the difficulty of fertility. The fat mother’s MM contraction ability is generally weak.

Secondly, obesity is also inherited.On the one hand, the fat body is fat that causes the fetus to have poor resistance after birth.On the other hand, the fat mother inherited the obese physique to the child, which also had an impact on the child’s health.

Therefore, if your weight exceeds the standard before pregnancy, you need to lose weight.And how to lose weight is a problem.Below, we will understand the method of weight loss pre -pregnancy together.

How to lose weight before pregnancy

Before pregnancy, you cannot lose weight blindly. Drugs and diet are not suitable. With the increase of women, the basic metabolism in the body will become slow. Even if you eat less, you will have obesity.Therefore, on the one hand, weight loss before pregnancy, on the one hand, we must increase the basic metabolism and pay attention to diet.

1. Improve basic metabolism

Improving basic metabolism is the best way to lose weight before pregnancy. We cannot improve the body’s own metabolism, but we can improve the metabolism in the body through exercise.If aerobic exercise is performed on the one hand, it can increase metabolism, and on the other hand, it can burn fat in the body.In this way, it can ignite fat and lose weight, but also improve physical immunity and reduce the emergence of maternal diseases during pregnancy.

2. Control the diet

Loss before pregnancy does not advocate diet, because this will cause the mothers’ malnutrition and will also affect the fetus after pregnancy.

First of all, you need to pay less oil and add more protein in your diet.The oil is extremely easy to be absorbed by the human body and quickly converts into fat, which is not conducive to weight loss.Protein is an important organization that constitutes the human body, and the digestion of the body is slow, which is more likely to have a sense of satiety and will not accumulate into fat.

Secondly, it is necessary to reduce the intake of fine food, such as fine rice.You can use coarse grains instead, such as sweet potatoes, corn, brown rice.In addition, pay attention to consumption of vegetables to supplement vitamins in the body, especially vitamin B ethnic elements, which are essential substances for metabolism in the human body. A proper amount of supplement can improve the metabolic foundation.

3. What pregnant measures should be taken before pregnancy

Weight loss is a must not have one step before pregnancy. In addition, there are many jobs to prepare for pregnancy.

First of all, you must be psychologically prepared, especially for families who are preparing to have a second child.On the one hand, it is necessary to consider whether someone takes a child after birth, and on the other hand, doing the ideological work of other people in the family is very important for the first child.The expectant mothers and prospective dads must also be prepared to avoid many bad emotions.

Second, make a good preparation.

Supplementing folic acid, improving physical resistance, avoiding radiation, etc. These are basic measures, and what is important is to quit bad habits, partial food, drinking, smoking, staying up late, garbage and food, etc.Essence

In addition, you must check your body before preparing for pregnancy. On the one hand, you can check the bad diseases of the body, and you can treat them in advance.On the other hand, it is also a way to maintain fetal health.

Obesity is an inevitable problem with age.But for women before pregnancy, they will have an impact on both the mother and the fetus.Therefore, you still need to lose weight before pregnancy, but before pregnancy, women to lose weight are not suitable to use diet, but to achieve the purpose of weight loss through exercise and diet.I hope that through the understanding here, you can also be a healthy pregnant mother.

You need to lose weight before pregnancy, but you must choose the right way to lose weight and not be blind!

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