Do n’t flow off easily for the first time when girls are pregnant. The obstetricians have come out of cruelty. Don’t listen to persuasion

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I accompanied her mother to the hospital to check her body, and saw the doctor who was bitterly persuaded a 20 -year -old girl to tell her that this was her second abortion. All the flow of people was creative.Infertility, but she is still decisive.The doctor is already very gentle and patient, and I don’t know if she understands or not.Maybe you are young, it doesn’t matter everything, there is no consideration.

The reason why I think of this is because the aunt’s obstetrician said that a few days ago, she said that she had a patient. She was only 24 years old. She had been married for more than a year. She had been preparing for pregnancy and did not conceive. She came to the hospital for examination.It was found that the bilateral fallopian tube was completely blocked, and it would be difficult to get pregnant in the future.After the inspection, the girl was crying and crying, saying that I was still so young, and I had a miscarriage once before. How could this be, this girl couldn’t care about the gossip eyes of the people, only immersed in her regretsAmong them.

Aunt said that this is not a story. This situation is often staged at the door of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital. It has been seen too much. In addition to sympathy, it is more angry.If it wasn’t for the first abortion, how could there be such an ending.In recent years, the abortion of obstetrics and gynecology has become unrealistic.Many young girls who are young or even have no adult girls to have a miscarriage, and some are not once or twice. Some little girls even treat abortion as a means of contraception.Whenever some girls have a miscarriage, our doctor and nurses will tell them clearly, but many girls still don’t care about it, and they are really worried about their future.

Although abortion is a common operation of obstetrics and gynecology, except that the mother’s body is not suitable for continuing pregnancy, it is really not recommended that girls have miscarriage casually, or even multiple abortion.

Severe damage to the body, even the regret of a lifetime

Many girls listen to the advertisement, what painless flow is, only a few minutes, it is easy to worry about it.I feel that abortion is a small without itching surgery.In fact, the severe damage caused by miscarriage is inestimable, and some even regret for a lifetime.

In the light, abortion surgery can easily cause the endometrium to become thinner, or the uterus is infected with cervical adhesion, and the uterine cavity adhesion, resulting in a series of gynecological diseases such as reduced menstruation, irregular menstruation, and endocrine disorders.In severe cases, it is difficult to get pregnant for a lifetime of habitual abortion, and it is difficult to feel the preciousness and beauty of life in October.Many people may say that I think some people have miscarriage several times, and they do not have children in the end.But do not turn a blind eye to some girls’ abortion, and the cruel consequences of life infertility.Don’t bet on this probability event with your body and the future.

If physical pain can still endure, the psychological torture, many girls can hardly get rid of their lives throughout their lives.

The first abortion of physical damage may be repaired later.But the damage in the soul must be irreversible and difficult to get rid of the shadow.The first pregnancy is unforgettable for many girls. The belly is his own flesh and blood, and it is a life. In the end, no matter what the reason is, how can you live the level in your conscience, and the conscience is condemned when he goes back at midnight.

If you want to avoid this fundamentally, parents must teach their daughters to respect, self -love and self -care in advance.Girls must not indulge!Be sure to protect yourself!Don’t be lucky!The awareness of self -protection, with the awe of life and the understanding of related knowledge, this situation will gradually improve.


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