Do n’t get off TA easily this month, the real picture of the fetus at 14 weeks, I hope you can be kind

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The child is the mother’s "heart meat". Some people spend more than 100,000 and all time and energy every year, and only ask for one son; and ironic is that there are at least 10 million abortion in my country each year. Among them The number is less than 20%. Most women actively abandon the children who are still breeding for their own reasons.

Some people still feel that they are innocent. "Born a child, it is better to leave earlier!" Since there is this ideological consciousness, what do you do early?

Saacelan, 40 years old, a firm "lifeist", has been fighting infertility since the age of 27. For thirteen years, all methods have been tried and have not succeeded at one time.

But after she signed a "adoption agreement", she checked her pregnancy.The recovery of her body started to feel like her mother, so after regenerating her first tire, she could have a second child, but she had an accident when she was pregnant with a third child, and the child was forced to have a miscarriage at 14 weeks.

And Susselan took some photos on social media and touched countless people. It was a very small child, only 14 weeks, which was created by her.

In the past, many people thought that the three -month -old child was just a group of organizations, but we can clearly see the children’s fingers, nails, and small feet from the photos. "He is not a group of unsoliced meatballs. He is alone.! "

In fact, when the embryo develops to the 7th week, you can see the child’s arm, legs and blurred fingers. From the 9th week, we have basically seen that the child is roughly outline. At this time, it will no longerJust an embryo, we can call it a fetus.

In other words, in the first three months of pregnancy, the formation of embryos has always been the formation of embryos. 3-6 months is the differential period of the fetus. At this stage, all the organs of the child will grow. In the last three months, it is the baby.During the rapid growth.

From the third month, children have developed weak brain activity. Although they can’t think, they can already feel pain.

"Betting in the middle and late stages is actually murder." This is the classic quotation of the founder of the British Life Association. She believes that unless the child was killed 12 weeks ago, the parents were criminal!

When the fetus is 3 months old, it already feels. For example, when they touched the uterine wall, they would reflect on the condition.The first month began to differentiate, so people think that 3 -month -old babies can feel pain.

Within 7 weeks of pregnancy, the drug flow can be used. At this stage, the fetus has not been formed. For 7-12 weeks, the uterus is generally used.After that, you can only use induction of labor. The doctor will directly injected the baby’s brain and kills them. In the whole process, the child will have pain!

If the mother is ruthless and does not care about the feelings of the fetal treasure, then you must pay attention to your body?Every time the fetus, especially the abortion, is an adventure for the uterus.

When the doctor’s tissue residues on the uterine wall, doctors relied on experience and personal ability. However, doctors are also people. They cannot guarantee that each action is perfect.Women who have experienced two tires have more than 80 times the probability of infertility!

In addition, whether it is the flow of drugs or abortion, sequelae may occur, which will be affected for a lifetime.

We do not force everyone to cherish their children, have different thoughts, and their cognition of life is different.

But since I don’t want it, take preventive measures as soon as possible. Buying a "little umbrella" for dozens of dollars is not as simple as spending a hundred and thousands of yuan to go to the hospital for surgery?It won’t hurt the female body.

Moms, how do you feel after reading these?Analyze your story together, please follow us for more maternal infant childcare knowledge!

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