Do n’t you blame women?The common cause of infertility is not necessarily all the problems of the woman

The success rate of pregnancy varies from person to person. Some people win the bid in the month when they are preparing to ask their children. Some husbands and wives are not able to get pregnant for three years.The real cause of infertility can be treated with targeted treatment to increase the chance of conception.

What are the causes of infertility?

1. Husband and wife life is too frequent or too little

Too frequent life of husband and wife will lead to reduced sperm vitality of men, and even cause health problems. If the husband and wife live too much, they will reduce the chance of conception because of missing ovulation during ovulation.During the ovulation period, in the ovulation period, the chance of surrogacy will be relatively greater, but it cannot be too frequent.

2. Excessive tension

If the husband and wife still fail to get pregnant after two years of marriage, they will be in an invisible pressure for a long time, prompting the fertility ability to become lower, because stress will affect the function of the brain of the brain, promote human hormone disorders, reduce the reproductive function of both parties,Therefore, keep relaxing during pregnancy.

3. There is a problem with sperm

Infertility is not necessarily a woman’s problem. There is about 40%of the chances of men who are on men, such as men’s sexual dysfunction, insufficient sperm vitality, small sperm quantity, azoospermia, etc.During the situation, both men and women must go to the hospital for relevant treatment.

4. Underwear is too tight

Many women choose some tight underwear for their good figure. I do not know that long -term tight underwear will affect the blood circulation of the reproductive system, which will cause women to have menstrual disorders and increase the chance of infertility. IfMen often wear tight underwear, leading to a lack of sperm or poor vitality.

5. Insomnia

Due to the acceleration of the rhythm of life, everyone faces the pressure. Many couples of childbearing age have reduced sleep and insomnia, which reduces the immunity of the human body.Reduce ability.

6. Not normal weight

During pregnancy, whether it is overweight or too light weight, it will reduce the chance of women’s pregnancy, because too thin can cause irregular menstruation and abnormal ovulation. Excess weight will cause some chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension, which will also affect it, which will also affectFertility.

Kind tips

During the preparation of pregnancy, the life of husband and wife should be carried out regularly. It is recommended to do it during ovulation, but it cannot be too frequent. In addition, a relaxed attitude should be maintained to avoid affecting fertility due to excessive nervousness. In additionThe time must reach at least 7 to 8 hours, while maintaining normal weight.

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