Do pregnant women eat bird’s nest?

There are many benefits to eating bird’s nest in pregnant women, which can not only supplement the nutritional needs of the body, but also promote the development of the fetal brain and immune system.Many pregnant women choose to eat bird’s nest during pregnancy, so do they have to eat bird’s nests on pregnancy?

Pregnant women eat bird’s nest as much as possible to eat on an empty stomach. This can better absorb the nutrients in the bird’s nest without worrying about being affected by other foods.After eating the bird’s nest on an empty stomach, you can eat other things at any time. This will not only affect the absorption rate of bird’s nest, but also effectively avoid the abdominal pain caused by the increased gastrointestinal digestive fluid that can cause the bird’s nest to increase.

Pregnant women are best to choose to eat bird’s nests on an empty stomach before and before going to bed at night. This is a better time. At this time, eating bird’s nest can absorb nutrients in bird’s nest faster and achieve the best absorption effect.Of course, you can eat bird’s nest in other times, but it is best to be more than 2 hours after meals.

Although pregnant women eat the best nutritional absorption of bird’s nest on an empty stomach, after all, it is pregnancy. There are some places to pay attention:

1. Do not eat more. Pregnant women should not eat too much bird’s nest in an empty stomach. Generally, 2-3 grams of dry bird’s nest or wet bird’s nest about 20 grams.Because eating too much, not only the body of pregnant women cannot absorb waste, but also increases the burden on the digestive system.

2. Pregnant women can drink water before eating bird’s nest on an empty stomach. This does not affect the absorption of bird’s nest. Drinking water first can also wake up the stomach and dilute some gastric juice to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort caused by empty stomach.

3. When pregnant women eat bird’s nest on an empty stomach, they can be eaten with light and nutritious foods such as milk, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, etc., which is conducive to the absorption of bird’s nest.

The price of bird’s nest is not cheap. If you want to fully absorb the nutrition in the bird’s nest, the effect is maximized. Which stage of pregnancy should you eat bird’s nest during pregnancy?

In the first three months of pregnancy, because the placenta has not developed well, and some other external factors, there are prone to abortion problems.This will cause pregnant women to be depressed, and families are prone to discord.Therefore, if pregnant women have poor constitution or have a habitual abortion history.You can eat bird’s nest after pregnancy, at least until three months of pregnancy.

In addition, the fetus is also prone to health problems in the next three months of pregnancy. It is recommended that pregnant women who keep fetuses also eat bird’s nest in the next three months of pregnancy.Once the next day, 3-5 grams each time, a small amount.If conditions permit, if you want to be beautiful during pregnancy, it is recommended to eat bird’s nest during pregnancy.

It is best to eat bird’s nest on an empty stomach during pregnancy. If the pregnancy response is very large, everything is disgusting, you can drink a glass of warm water before eating bird’s nest, add some fruits, milk, etc. to the bird’s nest, eat slowly, do not eat too much at a time, do not eat too much at one timemany.

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