Do these 8 o’clock preparations after pregnancy, and your heart is more practical, which is conducive to smoothing the pregnancy during pregnancy.

Author | Donglinfu

After determining that she is pregnant, many expectant mothers do not understand what work they will do next. In fact, the baby is only the first step of the long march of the Long March. Then there must be a lot of preparations to ensure that the healthy and smart babies have been given to a healthy and smart baby.

Go to a standard permit.

Both men and women bring their own valid documents, such as marriage certificate, ID card, household registration, etc., and apply for a standard certificate at the local government.

2. Go to the hospital to build files and check on time.

Get the standards and procedures such as the standard of student permits, wedding certificates, and pregnant women’s health cards in the hospital you chose, go to the hospital to build files, and then go to the hospital for a check -up hospital on time in accordance with the requirements of the doctor.

3. Prepare the clothes of pregnant women.

Choose cotton, comfortable and sweat -absorbing clothing.

You need to choose loose, cotton comfortable clothes.

Shoes should be wide and shorter, about 2 cm, about 2 cm, non -slip, light and comfortable shoes.

4. Be prepared economically.

Regardless of whether you have prepared sufficient funds before, you must find ways to reserve some money from knowing that you are pregnant.Because whether it is a pregnancy examination, the nutrition of the mother during pregnancy, or when the hospital is hospitalized, or after the baby is in confinement, or to raise children in the future, it is inseparable.

Women’s ability to make money will be greatly weakened before pregnancy, production and confinement and even children.Obviously, women at this stage will largely devote their energy and time to childcare. Therefore, money reserves are essential.

To some extent, at this stage, most of the income of many families comes from the child’s father. Before the wife is pregnant, produced, and the child is 3 years old, the husband generally assumes the heavy responsibility of the economic pillar of the family.

5. Preparation and parenting knowledge reserve.

This is a lot of expectant mothers to ignore, but it is very important.

When we were going to school, there were no specialized courses, and no one taught us how to raise children.But for every family, eugenics and educated are important.

A smart and healthy baby is almost a source of happiness in the family. Therefore, we must learn more about gestational knowledge and parenting knowledge, to do it in my heart, healthy pregnancy, scientifically confinement and rational parenting, and be a smart mother.

Specific mothers can buy some articles about giving birth, parenting books, or reading more parenting bloggers to enrich their brains, so as to be proficient in the knowledge of pregnancy and childcare.Do not panic.

6. Adjust your emotions.

During pregnancy, because of changes in hormones, pregnant women are often unstable. Therefore, expectant mothers must make preparations for adjusting their bad emotions at any time.

Do not get rid of the horns and face life optimistically. Think about everything. Take a walk when you have time. Find friends and family to chat to keep yourself good.

7. Pay attention to a healthy diet.

Try to eat at home, the ingredients should be fresh, and the types of meals are as rich as possible every day to ensure that the baby in the stomach absorbs more comprehensive nutrition.

In dinner, expectant mothers can no longer want to eat as they want when they are not pregnant.The food you eat is responsible for the baby in the stomach and the responsibility to himself.

8. Skin care products are replaced with special products for pregnant women.

I do n’t need cosmetics and skin care products during my pregnancy.

In fact, many sisters also pay attention to their own image during pregnancy, but remember to use skin care products for pregnant women, as well as the choice of cosmetics. Choose a mild and unwavering cosmetics for pregnant women.

The above 8 points are my experience. If sisters still have supplements, please leave a message in the comment area. In short, pregnancy is a major thing for female friends.Prepare.

Finally, I wish the sisters as good as their wishes and have a healthy and smart baby.

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