Do X -rays and CT examinations during the test tube will affect the baby’s transplant results?

I was unfortunately twisted and I was going to shoot CT, but will I have an impact on my transplant next week?

I have always coughing recently. The doctor asked me to make a chest, but I have been pregnant for two months. Will it be bad for the baby?

I have uterine fibroids. Doctors let the MRI evaluate the nuclear magnetic resonance. Will this radiation affect the transplantation result?

X -ray, CT, nuclear magnetic resonance inspection, etc., are originally easy to be accepted, but once you encounter a big deal of pregnancy, all kinds of fear, worry, and entanglement will roll over."Can I do it, will it affect the baby" and so on repeatedly thinking about it, and the hard work.

Therefore, today we might as well discuss whether X -rays, CT and other inspections during the test tube are really as big as the legend.

First of all clear:

Ionizing radiation does have an impact on breeding

X -ray and CT examinations do have certain ionization radiation, and large doses of ionizing radiation will indeed have a certain impact on fertility. Note that it is a large dose!

These radiation will have an impact on the type B fine -primary cells in male testicular sperm tubes. Simply put, it will affect the spermatogenic function; for women, it will also affect follicle growth.

In addition, after a large dose of ionizing radiation or long -term low -dose ionizing radiation, DNA damage will also be caused, and the risk of fetal abortion and deformity will be increased.

We repeatedly mentioned three words: large doses!

This has to quote a very famous medical discipline: Any behavior that put aside the dose and talk about harm is a hooligan!

Whether it will affect, depends on the visual dose

According to a guide released by the American Obstetrics and Gynecology Association in 2017, the impact and risk of radiation on the fetus mainly depends on two factors: fetal age and dose.

Note: MSV is a unit of ionizing radiation

From the last menstruation, most people have learned that pregnancy is also surrounded.From the guide, we can see that the minimum effect at this time is: 200msv.

What are the radiation doses of X -ray and CT?We have also sorted it out for everyone:

Although the radiation dose of the X -ray or CT of different hospitals may change slightly, it is basically not much different from the above table.

From the comparison of the two tables, we can see that the radiation dose of the X -ray or CT is far lower than the minimum influence dose. For example, taking the chest X tablet, it takes hundreds or even thousands of times to reach the threshold.And now most hospitals, including the radiology department of our hospital, have lead clothes, can effectively protect the pelvic cavity.So don’t worry.

We collected the problem of preparing for pregnant mothers, and now come to answer the answer.

1. How long can I get pregnant or transplanted after taking X -ray or CT?

The current evidence believes that the irradiation of parental glands (ovaries and testicles) before pregnancy will not increase the risk of fetal malformations or child tumors, so there is no need to wait for contraception.

2. After taking X -or CT, I found that I was pregnant. Can the baby still ask?

If X -or CT is taken within 4 weeks of pregnancy (that is, within 4 weeks of menopause), the effect of radiation on embryos is "full" or "none". What does this mean?

Either safely or not directly.

The embryo has its own vitality and choice, we do not need to terminate the pregnancy manually.

If it is taken after 4 weeks of pregnancy, in the above chart, in most cases, the baby’s radiation dose is far less than the dose that can be harmful, so you don’t have to give up your baby for this.

3. I have been pregnant, and I need to do X -ray or CT examination due to the illness. Do you want to do it?

As mentioned above, a X -ray or CT examination is very small to the fetus.If you do do it because of your condition, please do not refuse, otherwise you will delay the diagnosis and treatment of the condition, but you will lose it.

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