Do you always love sweating after pregnancy?

In summer, the unit where the editor is located often visits the countryside.Even if you drink a lot of water, it is inevitable that you will be dripped with blackness.But after all, work is work, and hard work must be persisted.As hard as Xiaobian, there are pregnant mothers, the pregnant mothers who are holding a big belly, not only have higher body temperature, but also always love to sweat.Many pregnant mothers are very worried: they say that sweating is because of physical weaknesses. Is that nutrition is not in place?Will sweating cause nutritional loss and affect the baby?… With these questions, today, let’s improve understanding together.

I love sweating during pregnancy is not because of physical weakness, but normal physiological phenomena.The reason is as follows:

1. The pregnant mother with the baby, metabolism will be stronger than before, and the skin emits more calories, so the basic body temperature will be slightly higher than before pregnancy, and the heat resistance ability will be worse than before pregnancy.The deterioration of heat resistance has caused easy sweating.

2. Due to the growth and development of the fetus, the intake of food and excretion of pregnant mothers will increase. In addition, the amount of secretion of progesterone will increase, which will cause the pregnant mother’s fat and blood circulation to increase accordingly, which will lead to physical temperatureRise, sweating more.We see that many obese people are also easy to sweat, in fact, because they eat more and lined up.

3. During the pregnancy, the body is gone, the body burden is worse, and the movement becomes awkward.To do the same thing, often the movement of pregnant mothers is larger, and it is easier to sweat.Some pregnant mothers have a weak constitution, and they are even more obvious.

4. There is also a situation of sweating to attract attention, that is, the lack of calcium in pregnant mothers.Due to calcium deficiency, the concentration of blood calcium is reduced, which will cause the plant nerve dysfunction and cause sweat.Therefore, pregnant mothers with sweaty phenomena should first examine whether they are deficient in calcium.

1. Pay attention to the selection of clothing

The beauty of pregnant women is second, and comfort must be placed first.Pregnant mothers should choose to make clothes that are easy to sweat, breathable fabrics, such as cotton and real silk clothing.Choosing the right clothes can prevent rubbing the skin, avoid rash, infection, etc., and how much can reduce the skin temperature.

2. Use air conditioners to remember in prison

On the hot summer, air -conditioned WiFi watermelon is the love of all of us.But remember!As a special group for pregnant mothers, you must use air conditioners.When using it, it is best to control the temperature at about 25 ° C, and the difference from the outer temperature is 5 ° C. It should not be opened too low to avoid cold.In addition, experts also pointed out that the use of air conditioners for pregnant women can shrink the skin, easily cause uterine contraction, and even cause abortion!Therefore, pregnant mothers should not blow too long.After a few hours, open windows.

3. Take a bath frequently and keep the skin clean

If pregnant women sweat a lot, they must not be lazy.Stop laundry frequently and keep the skin clean.It should be noted that pregnant mothers should use warm water to scrub, and it should not be scrubbed with cold water!In addition, pregnant women should use 50 degrees warm water to take a bath, and try to control the time at about 20 minutes.

4. Make sure that sleep can reduce sweating

Studies have found that sweating for pregnant women has an important relationship with whether sleeping is sufficient!Excessive sweating for pregnant women can easily make pregnant women lose too much moisture and make pregnant mothers feel tired.Pregnant women should try to fall asleep before 10 o’clock, and stay asleep for 9 to 10 hours.

5. Sweating more, hydrating cannot be ignored

Pregnant women sweat a lot, which means that there is a lot of water lost in the body, so pregnant women must drink plenty of water.If you go shopping or shopping, you must remember to bring a bottle of water with you and add it from time to time.

During pregnancy, the blood flow of pregnant women has doubled, and a large amount of water is needed, so pregnant women must drink a lot of water for circulation and digestion.If pregnant women drink too little water, they will cause blood concentration, which is not conducive to the metabolism of the fetus. If you drink too much water, it will also affect the burden on the kidneys and increase edema.

Daily drinking: In the early and in the early pregnancy, you drink 1500 ml of water per day. Drinking the water in the third trimester of pregnancy is not more than 1000 ml.

Daily drinking time: Pregnant women drink water normally every 2 hours, and control at about 8 times a day.It is best to get up in the morning to drink a glass of water (about 300ml), drink a cup of one hour after lunch, drink half a glass of water 1 hour before going to bed, and allocate the rest of the time.

What water to drink: Recommended is -warm water> soup water> tea water> fresh squeezed water juice

These water pregnant mothers cannot drink: cold drinks, boiling water for a long time, and no boiling tap water

Drink water misunderstanding: thirst and drinking water, drinking tea, drinking water, drinking juice as water, and drinking water.

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