Do you eat papaya for breast enhancement?These tips are not reliable

The topic of breast enhancement has always attracted much attention from women. Many people pursue a round and full breast, so they try their best to breast enhancement.There are many small breast enhancement tricks in the people. For example, eating more papaya can breast enhancement and massage more breasts, but is these methods really effective?

The little tricks we often hear are not reliable

In fact, most of these small tricks have no scientific basis and are not reliable.

Not reliable small tricks: papaya can breast enhancement

Many people think that eating more papaya can breast enhancement, because the papaya contains a papaya protease that can stimulate breast growth.Not only that, the carotene contained in papaya can be converted into vitamin A, which can stimulate estrogen secretion, which can breast enhancement.

This statement is not scientifically found in science, more like Pharaoh sells papaya, boasting and boasting.

When we eat papaya, the papaya protease contained in papaya is decomposed in the stomach, and it does not play a role in stimulating breast growth. Vitamin A does not stimulate estrogen secretion and is also invalid for breast enhancement.

Not reliable small tricks: massage can make the breast larger

Massage is one of the treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine. It can help people relieve fatigue, relieve muscles and promote blood, activate muscles, and promote blood circulation. It is very effective for treating joint sprains, muscle strain, neuralgia and other diseases.

Web massage can also be breast enhanced, and various massage methods are also provided, but in fact, no scientific basis has confirmed that massage can make the breast larger and strong.

Not reliable small tricks: Eat more pork trotters can breast enhancement

Studies have shown that the fat content in breasts accounts for about 90%. It is these fat that makes the breast elastic and maintains the plump breasts.

Many people think that eating foods rich in fat, protein, and collagen can achieve breast enhancement.As a result, foods such as pig feet, chicken skin, white fungus, almonds, kelp and other foods are favored by many women.

In fact, for girls who are developing in adolescence, eating more foods rich in fat, protein, and collagen, breasts will indeed become plump.

For adult women, the effect of changing the breast size through diet is small.The reason is that adult women’s breasts have matured, and the fat in the body can only make the breasts larger only when it is stored to a sufficient amount. This is why the fatter breasts are generally plump.

Breast size is related to heredity and acquired environment

All the traits of the human body are determined by genetic genes.For women, the size and shape of the breasts are determined by genes when they are born.

Generally speaking, if the mother’s breasts are full, her daughter’s breasts will be fuller.

However, the genetic inheritance of breast development is only part of the factors that affect the size of the breast.The size of the breast also has a lot to do with the environment of women’s growing up the day after tomorrow.

Those girls with rich diet will be more plump and round than the breasts of malnourished girls.Especially in adolescence, many girls have diet for their body, leading to malnutrition. Due to the insufficient fat in the body, breast dysplasia is further caused.

We usually see that the adolescent girl with a full body is full of breasts, and the girl with a thin body will be much smaller.

Hormone is very important in breast development

Breasts are mainly composed of nipples, breast tissues, subcutaneous fat tissues, connective tissues and suspension breast suspension.

Starting from adolescence, due to the increased hormone-promoting gonads secreted by the hypothalamus, the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis is activated, and the pituitary gland secretes a large amount of follicle stimulatory and lutein-lutein, which increases ovarian steroid hormones.Under the common effect of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and adrenal cortex secretion, the breasts begin to develop, breasts gradually bulge, nipples and areolas have increased, and the color becomes darker.

Under normal circumstances, the sexual development of women starts from breast development. After 2 to 3 years, the early menstrual tide comes.After the early menstrual tide, most girls’ breasts will continue to develop, and it takes about 5 years to develop maturity.

After adulthood, women’s breasts are not static. The physiological state of the breast will be affected by hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and the menstrual cycle changes periodic changes.

After pregnancy, breasts will change under the influence of progesterone. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is not surprising that women’s breasts become larger.In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the breast has a lactation function and may have milk secretion. At this time, the breasts will be more strong and full than before pregnancy.

The menopause and senior women have decreased as the female and progesterone levels in the body, and the adipose tissue and breast tissue begin to shrink. Therefore, the breasts will shrink and sag.

In short, if you want the breasts to be strong and round, it is impossible to eat papaya, but for adult women, it is not possible to breast enhancement.

Compared with the way of breast enhancement through plastic surgery, we recommend the effect of breast enhancement through exercise.Because female breasts also need muscle support.Studies have shown that through the corresponding exercise exercise of chest muscles, increasing breast support, such as chest expansion exercise, push -ups, etc. exercise can effectively enhance the muscle strength of the chest, make the breasts and surrounding muscle tissues more powerful, make the chest chest moreIt looks more strong and plump, and at the same time scientific physical exercise makes women healthier and beautiful.

Source: People’s Daily Science

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