Do you have to cut your hair when you are pregnant?For fetal nutrition, you can not cut it, but you should pay attention to the method of hair care

Because pregnancy cuts long hair and has long hair, it has always been shoulder -length hair. Let’s say that because of the various reasons for cutting off the long hair, people’s experience and pit.Board and fetus for nutrition?

The first reason is that the baby and the fetus are competing for nutrition (this is a pit)

When I went to school, my mother used her hair to compete for nutrition and asked me to cut my hair for short hair.When she was pregnant, she was black and black, and my mother moved out of her set, and I cut my short hair.What kind of hair is competing for the nutrition of the fetus, and the hair that stays for 5 years also wants to cut it off, because I have less hair, the longer the more I look.The pregnancy was successful and knew that the hair was cut off on the first day.

Here, the hair will not affect the nutrition of the fetus.

First of all, the hair is composed of keratin. The growth of hair really requires nutrition, but the growth of the hair has nothing to do with the nutrients required by the fetus. The nutrients and energy required for fetal growth and development are mainly provided by the mother.

The growing part of the hair is buried in the skin and participated in metabolism with its own rhythm; and the hair exposed outside does not participate in metabolism, which can be regarded as a "dead" organization. These hair itself does not consume energy. Its growth depends on the skin buried in the skin on the skinInner hair ball.

In other words, the nutrition required for hair growth is not the same as the length of hair.At the same time, the nutrition required for hair growth is different from the nutrition required by the fetus, and they are not a competitive relationship.The second reason is that it is more convenient to cut the hair during pregnancy.

I wanted to wash it every other day, and the hair was scattered on the first day after washing.The next day, tie a ponytail and wash your hair on the third day.But pregnant?If the reaction during pregnancy is strong, there is no desire to take care of the hair at all, and just tie it every day, especially the pregnant mothers who are on vacation at home when you are pregnant.

I was tired of washing my hair once in the second trimester, and I couldn’t bend my waist at all, let alone bend over for more than ten minutes.In general, short hair during pregnancy is still more convenient.How many pregnant mothers are accompanied by her husband at home, or their husbands help wash their hair?The third reason is that confinement

First of all, declare that you can wash your hair when you confine.However, it ’s troublesome to wash your hair once. It may be washing your hair. The baby wakes up, wow crying and waiting for dinner.

There is also washing my head once and bent. It was tiring during confinement. It was best to lie down. Some people helped wash and helped blow dry.

Most of the time lying down, it is not convenient to have long hair.Short hair, tie a little higher, just make a ball, or take care of it shorter.

The fourth cause of postpartum hair loss

The problem of hair loss has only been experienced after giving birth. Two or three months after giving birth, the hair began to lose hair.If it looks like long hair, it will be even more serious, after all, a few hair looks like a lot.

The hair that is not lost but may be lost at any time.After half a year, the newly long hair danced with the breeze unscrupulous, and the touching scalp couldn’t hide anything except the hat.

The hair is rare, the hair is not enough, and it is not beautiful to look at it.If you are shorter, you may accept it.

Baby likes to grab hair

The mothers who have experienced them know that babies especially want to catch their mother’s hair.I have been unconsciously played from the beginning, but later an attachment.

My baby will play my hair while sucking my lower lips, which has caused me to cut my hair countless times.

Because my sister particularly likes to grab hair (the kind of tumbling), her hair cuts her hair shortly.

Therefore, pregnancy does not have to cut short hair, especially those who are worried that hair will affect the fetal nutrition, let alone cut short hair.However, when my mother came, I felt that the two reasons for the two reasons for the inconvenience during pregnancy and postpartum hair loss could consider cutting short hair.

In general, cutting short hair postpartum is more convenient for mothers during pregnancy, but not that pregnant mothers cut their hair short, children can get more nutrition.

To be honest, compared with the length of hair, pregnant women should pay more attention to the two aspects of hot dyeing head and shampooing.

You are young, no one has been willful, regardless of his family and secular eyes, dye your hair into the color you want, and even many parents have accepted various hair colors.However, pregnancy and even pregnancy can not be dyed to prevent harmful substances from hurting the fetus, especially in the early pregnancy.

Secondly, the shampoo used by pregnant mothers should also pay attention. It is best to extend the shampoo used before to prevent the use of inappropriate shampoo, or the skin of the expectant mother during pregnancy becomes more sensitive.fetus.

Well, pregnant mothers who love beauty can cut their hair without cutting their hair.

Skin care

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are most concerned about the health of themselves and their babies, because their health is related to the baby’s health.The first thing to pay attention to beautiful love is the health of skin care products.I have no teacher to eat, but the ingredients of cosmetics are too complicated, so the choice of skin care products is a major problem facing many mothers. Be careful.Can’t take medicine

Many pregnant women during pregnancy are disabled. If there is any problem with the body during pregnancy, do not take medicine without authorization. Instead, go to a large hospital to find the help of a professional doctor.No smoking and drinking

Do not smoke during pregnancy, do not drink many pregnant mothers to do it, but also pay attention to second -hand smoke. Familiar with all smoking in the family or public field should pay attention to self -protection.

The hair will not compete with the fetus for nutrition, don’t cut your hair for this.Of course, for the second trimester of pregnancy and postpartum convenience, you can cut short hair.

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