Do you hurt your body, or is the abortion surgery injured?Doctors’ advice: You must know these contraceptive measures

In recent years, there have been more and more people who have chosen abortion, and some people even repeatedly miscarriage.There are many reasons for this situation, mainly because men and women have frequent relationships, and uncomfortable measures have caused accidental pregnancy.Many people have no choice of abortion because they do not have the conditions to raise their children.It is worth noting that in recent years, college students have accounted for a large proportion of abortion people.Therefore, gradually showing a younger development trend.

Xiao Wen is a college student at school. He is 19 years old and has a pure and beautiful appearance. He has a boyfriend not long after going to college.The relationship between the two was very sweet, and the classmates made their envious eyes.Recently, Xiao Wen, who enjoyed the sweetness of love, encountered an annoying thing. She found that her aunt had never come, and she was worried that she was pregnant or had problems with her body.

So she went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick.After the test, I found that I was pregnant, and I was at a loss.As for whether to give birth to a child or a miscarriage, Xiaowen and her boyfriend are very entangled.On the one hand, considering that both people have not graduated or work, their living expenses are given at home, and they do not have the conditions for raising their children.

On the other hand, if you have children now, you will not be able to complete his studies.In the end, Xiaowen chose to end this "error" and accompanied by the boyfriend to the hospital for miscarriage, but I don’t know which method to choose for abortion.

In fact, the phenomenon of unexpected pregnancy due to incorrect contraceptive measures such as Xiaowen often occurs between college students, and the phenomenon of abortion is also very common.However, what confuses many people is that they do not know which method to choose for abortion, for fear of great damage to the body.Next, let’s talk about related content about miscarriage.

Clinically, drug abortion and surgical abortion are collectively referred to as artificial abortion.It refers to the termination of pregnancy within 3 months of pregnancy, which is also known as early pregnancy termination.

Commonly used drug abortion refers to the purpose of taking oral drugs to achieve abortion.Its principle is to reduce the secretion of hormones in the mother’s body by taking medicine, reduce the fetal nutrition absorption of the mother’s body, and then the fetus will die due to insufficient nutrition.In addition, the drug will cause the uterus to contrast, squeeze the dead fetus out of the body, and achieve the effect of two -pronged approach through the drug.

However, whether it is possible to meet 3 conditions through the way of medication.

First of all, the number of days of pregnancy needs to be within 49 days. The specific situation can be used as a reference based on the results of the B -ultrasound.Because after more than 49 days, the development of various tissues and organs of the fetus gradually matured.And the longer the time is, the greater the risk.Therefore, once you do not want to leave the fetus, decide early, so as not to drag for too long.

Secondly, the age cannot be over 40 years old.Because the medicinal effect of the drug flow will have side effects on women’s ovarian, stimulating more endocrine.Moreover, the ovaries of women over 40 years of age are in the stage of recession. At this time, if they are stimulated by drugs, menstrual disorders may occur or even early menopause.

In addition, the position of the bed is in the uterus.Some people may have ectopic pregnancy in women who are pregnant.For such people, it cannot be used.Therefore, not all types of pregnancy are suitable for "drug flow".

After talking about the abortion of the drug, look at the situation of the operation of the operation.Commonly used surgical methods include negative pressure attraction, pliers scraping and anesthesia analgesic technology to perform negative pressure suction surgery.

Generally, the reasonable time for negative pressure attraction is performed within 10 weeks of pregnancy, because at this time the fetus is small, you can use a strong suction device to suck it out, which is relatively less harmful to the body.However, if the fetus is more than 10 weeks, you need to choose other methods, and you usually choose to terminate the pregnancy with pliers.

However, the abortion surgery will basically be painless abortion, that is, anesthesia analgesic technology to perform negative pressure suction surgery.Generally, it refers to an artificial abortion under varicose anesthesia. The entire surgery takes about 3 minutes, and the doctor can complete the surgery.In short, the operation of the entire surgery is relatively simple and fast.

So, which are the most hurting bodies in these two methods?

What harm does the drug flow cause to female friends?

First of all, the drug flow may easily cause abortion, and the gestational sac or decontamination tissue cannot be completely discharged.In this case, major bleeding can cause anemia and shock.If this phenomenon really occurs, go to the hospital for blood transfusion and emergency surgery to stop bleeding.

Secondly, the drug flow may also lead to irregular menstruation.This is because anti -pregnancy drugs can inhibit the function of the ovarian, affect the growth and development of follicles or even ovulation.Therefore, after the abortion of some women’s drugs, menstruation will be prone to menstrual disorders.

In addition, the drug flow can also cause endometritis, and it may also affect future fertility.If unmarried women often have abortion, they may cause endometrial damage.Once the endometrium is damaged, even if you want to get a normal pregnancy, it will be prone to prenatal bleeding, and even some women will have infertility.

It is also reminded that aborted drugs are prescription drugs. Women should not buy and use from strangers online at will. They should go to regular hospitals and follow the doctor’s advice.

So, what is the dangers of people?

It is conceivable that repeatedly absorbing the uterine cavity content can cause adhesion of the uterine cavity and cervix, causing endometriosis and periodic lower abdominal pain.Moreover, if artificial flow is performed many times, the base layer of the endometrium will be repeatedly damaged and cannot be completely repaired.

In addition, cervical mucus embolism is wiped off during surgery. Bacteria can easily enter the uterine cavity, causing endometritis and cervicitis, and even the symptoms of amenorrhea will occur in the future.Even if your ovarian function is intact, this is the case after falling off due to the endometrial function layer.

Not only that, if you are pregnant and perform artificial abortion surgery, you may also penetrate the soft and thin uterine walls, causing the uterine perforation and endangering life.

It can be seen that the damage caused by the abortion to the human body is greater than the abortion.Therefore, in the case of accidental pregnancy, you do n’t want your children to solve the problem as soon as possible. The longer you drag your body, the more it is not conducive to the body.Of course, I also hope that in the case of a last resort, do not make miscarriage and do a good job of protection.

Finally, no matter whether you choose the drug flow or surgery, no matter what technology adopted, it will actually make the endometrium thinner and affect our cervix and fertility.

Therefore, in order to allow our body, especially to reduce the damage of the uterus, the best way is to take contraceptive measures.I will introduce several contraceptive measures.

The first is wearing a condom

First of all, if the condom can be used correctly, contraceptive efficiency can reach 98%.Its main role is to prevent sperm from entering the germ tract of the woman and achieve an effective contraception.In addition, it can also avoid some pathogenic microorganisms and further reduce the infection of certain viruses or bacteria, such as condyloma acuminatum.

Therefore, condoms can not only achieve the effect of contraceptives, but also reduce the occurrence of sexually transmitting diseases.The specific correct method of use must be operated in accordance with the specifications of the instructions to achieve the goal.

The second method is to wear a nourishing ring

At present, most women will use the method of contraceptive ring contraception to contraception. This contraceptive method is very simple and has a small impact on women’s body.If you want to get pregnant, you only need to go to the hospital to take out the contraceptive ring, which basically does not have any adverse effects on women’s body.

Moreover, the success rate of the birthplace contraception in the palace is also relatively high, about 85%-90%.Therefore, more and more women are favored.

However, the contraceptive ring sometimes has a certain failure rate, and this failure is often caused by a decrease.In other words, the birth ring is out of the body in the uterine cavity, which may have something to do with cervical relaxation.Therefore, such women should be cautious when they are on the ring.

The third method is to use short -acting contraceptives or emergency contraceptives

The use of short -acting contraceptives requires oral drugs daily during a certain period of time. If it is missed, it may lead to irregular bleeding.The advantage of emergency contraceptives is that it can play a role in contraception for these unprotected sexual life.The dosage of hormones of emergency contraceptives is larger than short -acting oral contraceptives. Generally, it is taken within 24 to 72 hours after sexual life. The earlier it is taken, the better the effect, and the contraceptive effect can reach more than 90%.However, emergency contraceptives will also cause harm to women’s bodies, such as irregular menstruation, menstrual disorders, and even causing ectopic pregnancy. Everyone should take it carefully.

In short, when female friends choose contraceptive measures, it is best to choose a contraceptive method that is less harmful to the body.Like emergency contraceptives, it is still more harmful to the body. If it is not for it, it is best not to use this method.

In addition, female friends should pay attention to their private parts during menstruation to protect our ovaries and uterus.Go to the hospital for gynecological examinations regularly to prevent problems before they occur.You must always maintain a healthy living habit so that you can have a healthy body.

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