Do you know that rabbits have been used as pregnancy test sticks?Inventory 6 cold knowledge that few people know

If someone tells you that many figs have the corpse of the horses, how do you think?This may be surprised that you have eaten this kind of fruit.But the surprising thing in this world is not just such one. You can find a lot of strange facts related to what you see and hear you have seen.Through today’s article, Xiaobian will bring you the cold knowledge that few people know.

This is a shocking thing for many people who like to eat figs.There are many figs inside the Hornet corpse, but usually there are female fruits.Some special types of Hornets will pollinate figs.When the Hornets strives to get into the fruits, they will lose their wings, so they will be trapped and cannot escape.If they are facing male figs, they will hatch larvae and die in them. After the larvae becomes the horses, they will fly away with fruitless pollen, and in the female figs, the horses will not lay eggs and will eventually die in the end.inside.But on the other hand, the enzymes produced by figs can be completely digested, so people cannot really see their bodies.

Have you ever thought about such a question, will the fish swimming in the water be thirsty?The answer actually depends on the waters where the fish live.Fish living in fresh water will not drink too much water at all, at least not like us.They will not absorb too much water from their mouths. If they do this, they will risk the dilution of blood and the risk of balanced saline in the body.The blood and body tissue of freshwater fish are higher than the surrounding water.They bring a small amount of water into the body through the skin and gills, and then discharge excess water through urine.The process of entered the human body in this way is called an osmotic effect.

For those fish living in a salted water area, everything is the opposite.Because the salt concentration of their lives is higher than the salt concentration in their bodies.As a result, the infiltration effect causes water to move from their bodies to the surrounding water.This keeps them in the risk of dehydration.To make up for this, fish must actively drink water through their mouths.They treat water, then produce a small amount of salt -containing urine, and secrete salt through the special cells in the cheeks.

If a person wants to know if he is pregnant, you can do it by testing the pregnancy stick.However, in the past, doctors often detect a person’s pregnancy by killing small animals such as rabbits and mice.From the late 1920s to the early 1960s, doctors injected women’s urine into the ovaries of small animals.The hormone puffed gonad hormones concentrated in the urine of pregnant women can cause the ovaries of small animals to deform.You can understand whether a woman is pregnant through this observation method.People mistakenly believe that rabbits died only when they were experimented.But in fact, both rabbits will die in both cases.Because rabbits are used most often for testing, pregnancy tests are usually called rabbit tests.

Today, when people get married, the best man is very common, and some even have a best man.Have you ever thought about his origin of such a wonderful and festive days?This seems to be a very warm origin, but the real answer may be disappointing.In the 16th century, Britain before the Women’s Rights Movement has begun to abduct brides in neighboring towns.What the role of the best man needs to do is to abduct the bride with the groom and accompanying personnel.But this is not the origin of the best man and abduction.

It is said that the origin of this history can be traced back to Germany in the first year to 200 years. At that time, men usually marry local girls, but if the local girls are not enough, they will start robbing the bride from nearby places.The best man is the person who has been selected to help the groom to complete this behavior.The bride and her family may resist. At this time, the best man needs to begin to play a role. He needs to repel any obstructive person for the groom.During the wedding process, the best man and other accompanying personnel will also carry weapons and even armed for the groom.

"Jurassic Park" is a very good movie, but the movie plot also creates some wrong things.For example, in the movie, if it is maintained, Tyrannosaurus can not see you.But this is a completely wrong argument.Professor Kente Stevens from Oregon University used digital technology to rebuild the tangible visualization of the Tyrannosaurus dragon and simulate his vision.In its test results released in 2006, the range of the Bawang Dragon was 55 degrees, even wider than the eagle.After studying his modern distant relatives, he believes that his visual clarity may even be 13 times higher than modern humans.

There are a lot of plant snacks with shells, such as peanuts, melon seeds, etc.But why is there no shell packaging for cashew fruit?In fact, cashew fruit belongs to the family of ivy and poisonous lacquer trees.Capital fruit plants contain a powerful oily chemical stimulus, called paintol, which can cause itching to skin sensitive skin such as poisonous vines.It not only exists on the leaves of the plant, but also appears on the shell.This is why cashew fruit needs to be baked at high temperatures to eliminate harmful substances at high temperatures.

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