Do you know what a dog will have a dream?

I wake up in hell every day

With 10,000 pounds of eyelids

Hurry up on the bus

Also busy remembered the dream of last night

Thinking about the male pig’s feet of that drama tonight

The tram shakes

Make my left brain water and the flour with the right brain

There is a wonderful chemical reaction

Will the dog dream?

What is their dreams like?

After consulting, I found that the dog is a real dog

I can’t compare

Dog’s sleep is the same and different from humans

The same is when the dog sleeps

The brain is still active

This also shows that they are sleeping

It’s not "I don’t want nothing"

the difference is

Their sleep is sleeping by 40%

21%deep sleep

Composed of high -quality sleep with 12%

Usually after sleeping for 20 minutes

The dog’s dream world begins

Dreams can last for 2 ~ 3 minutes

Small dogs have higher dream frequency and shorter time

Large dogs have a longer dream time and lower frequency

Of course this is just a researcher

Guess based on experiments

Because after all, dogs will not be like humans

Tell us about it dreaming to turn over the trash can

Eat the poop, take off the child, the host

But this does not mean that we have no way of knowing things in the dream of dogs

Scholar scholars in MIT have done experiments

The result proves that the dog dream appears

Most of the daily incidents or things reappear

For example, you are scolded by you during the day

Dream may be scolding you

You are beaten by you during the day

The dream may be beaten you

In short, the protagonist in its dream

Most of them are you as the master

But they are not just dreaming of the owner

Like this dream may be

It is expected and unmatched during the day

This may have watched Xiaofei during the day

In the dream, prepare to use the ears to test flight

This little cute may be

Participated in a dance contest

Perfectly interpret the meaning of dancing

This dream is not easy

In the end, I was scared directly

It is estimated to be a nightmare

When the dog is sleeping

Slightly twitching

This belongs to normal phenomenon

But if the dog’s twitching range is too large

When the frequency is high and the duration is longer

The owner should pay attention

Because this may remind you

Dogs have some sleep disorders

1. Quickly moving eye behavior disorder

In this situation

Dogs usually treat dreams as reality

Just like the dog awakened in the picture above

In severe cases, it is prone to attack behavior

It should be noted that when dogs sleep

The amplitude of the action is too large and the duration is too long

It may also be a sign of seizures

In both cases, you need to seek medical treatment in time

2. Respiratory suspension

Most of these symptoms are common in

Baga, Fa Dou, etc.

Or a dog with too obese body

The time of a pause is

A few seconds to a few minutes

The number of pauses every night is different

Breathing for a long time will increase

The risk of dogs with heart disease, stroke and other diseases

So the owner of this kind of dog must pay special attention

3. Insomnia

There are many causes of dog insomnia

The causes of insomnia in different age are also different

Children (0 )2 years old)

At this time, the brain development is not sound yet

Plus is particularly cute

The owner is usually excited to tease

As a result, they have lack of sleep and become nervous

Compliant immunity decreases

Or just separate from my mother

The owner cannot accompany him at any time

It is easy to cause separation anxiety and cause insomnia

There are even self -harm or damage behaviors that appear

Usually, as long as the owner will accompany more, it can be better

Adult Dog (2 )7 years old)

At this time, the dog is like a part of the family

Popularity in the field of protection

When a stranger is at home, it is easy to insomnia at home

Or the family atmosphere changes (such as the quarrel in the family)

It can cause a lot of pressure to cause insomnia

Elderly dog (after 7 years old)

Dogs will produce when they are old

Similar to human dementia (cognitive disorders)

Time and space will be disordered in their cognition

Not only becoming no sense of direction, urination anywhere

Sleep time will become abnormal

What the master can do at this time

Only more patience and companionship

If you want to spy on the world of dog dreams

You know it after falling asleep for 20 minutes

But when you are in the dream of dogs

When you make an interesting movement, you can’t help but can’t help

Don’t forget to pay more attention

Whether it is in a healthy sleep state

(Some pictures are derived from the Internet, invading and deleting)

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