Do you really can’t eat kelp, spicy, and hair?

Patients with thyroids include hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, nodules, thyroiditis and other people. What can not be eaten, it is really not a sentence or two sentences.

We invite Zhang Yan, the attending physician of the Department of Endocrinology of Hangzhou Micro -A Hospital to see if it makes sense for various thyroid diet taboos on the Internet.


Can’t eat iodine -containing foods

Conclusion: Partial correct

As large as kelp seaweed, as small as pepper boiling water, it contains iodine.Don’t eat a little iodine, it is difficult!

Therefore, the "avoid iodine diet" should be changed to "low iodine diet", which refers to foods with high iodine content, such as iodized salt, kelp, seaweed, seafood.

In fact, most thyroid patients (including nodule patients) do not require low iodine, but except the following two categories:


Acesellarotoxicity caused by Hashimoto, Asteomyatilia, etc., and hyperthyroidism syndrome in pregnant women are not "true hyperthyroidism".

Graves disease, nodular goiter, thyroid adenoma, etc. are "real nore".Low iodine diet can cause the raw material for production of hyperthyroidism, so it is recommended to have low iodine as much as possible.

Radiory iodine scanning or treatment

This is commonly used for examination and treatment of patients with thyroid cancer and "True Hyperthyroidism".Low iodine diet can fully absorb radioactive iodine to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the examination.

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Can’t eat spicy and irritating food

Conclusion: Wrong

There are more than patients with thyroid gland. All patients cannot eat spicy and irritating foods. Can they believe it?

Whether it can eat spicy is only related to personal taste and tolerance.If you have eaten spicy and uncomfortable, you should eat less whether there is a thyroid disease or not.

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Hair products will make the thyroid nodules larger

Conclusion: Meshus outrageous

There are many similar folk rumors. However, the definition of hair products in different regions has not been unified.

Many foods called hair products, such as chicken, duck, and fish, are not only delicious, but also the ideal source of high -quality protein. It is a pity not to eat it.

In addition to the above diet taboos, different thyroid diseases: hyperthyroidism, hypertrophic hypotemamics, thyroiditis, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, etc. have their own suitable diet.

How to eat Hashimoto’s thyroiditis?

Do not eat white radish, cauliflower, and cabbage in thyroid nodules?

Does patients with thyroid cancer need to eat iodine -free salt after surgery?


These problems are cared for patients with thyroid patients.

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There are thyroid nodules

With the popularization of medical examinations and the improvement of medical examination technology, thyroid nodules are becoming more and more common.The incidence of thyroid nodules in my country is about 20.43%, and there are almost one of each person.

What exactly is the nodule of the nobel?Can it be eliminated?

Will thyroid nodules become thyroid cancer?

How to treat and prevent all kinds of thyroid diseases?


For these thyroid problems, we specially organized a "thyroid care manual", involving various common thyroid diseases such as thyroid nodules, hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroiditis, and thyroid cancer.

For example, friends with thyroid nodules (especially Tirads level 4 and above), don’t rush to surgery!

Every time I saw that someone had to figure out the benign malignant, the full -cut surgery of the thyroid gland was sad.In fact, some benign thyroid nodules do not need surgical resection at all. What should I do?The answers to the question are all put into the "thyroid care manual".

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Although most thyroid nodules have no major problems, they only need to review regularly, but there are always people who feel that it is like a timing bomb that can explode at any time, and wants it to completely disappear, even if the nodules have been punctured clearly are benign.

If you want to completely remove the thyroid nodules, there are actually methods.Not taking medicine, massage, hot compresses, but melting or surgery.But it’s not that you say you want to do it, the doctor will do it for you.To eliminate nodules must meet certain conditions.

In fact, this condition that eliminates thyroid nodules is also written into this "thyroid care manual".

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