Do you want to go to the ring after giving birth?These side effects of Shanghuan need to know

A while ago, A Jin came to ask me, did you want to go to the ring after giving birth?I asked her who he said, but now it is not the same as a few years ago. No one will force you to go after giving birth.Then she also asked me if it was good for my husband and wife.I told her not like this, and then told her some things about Shekuan by the way …

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Do you want to go to the ring after giving birth? This should be a problem that many Baoma cares about. Here I still suggest that the Baomao should treat the upper ring cautious.I did n’t go to the ring after giving birth to a child until now, because I saw several friends or others around me uncomfortable after going on the ring.

One of my friends is because I went to go to Shekuan shortly after giving birth. After the upper ring, I have a lot more menstrual flow than before, and it is accompanied by strong abdominal pain. After more than two months, I often occur.After the inspection, the doctor told her that it was because of the reasons of Shanghuan. Later, she had to take the ring down and redeemed it for a long time before her body recovered. She told me that it was best to go to the ring if you were born in the future., Also hurt the body.

Another example is that I once went to my aunt’s house. She was our famous obstetrician and gynecologist. At that time, there was just a aunt who was in her forties to check and said that she would take the ring.They all grown into the meat, and it took a long time to take it out. After taking it out, she flowed a lot of blood. The aunt had been covering her stomach, which showed how it hurts.

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There are still several friends who have become as good as before after the Shekuan. Seeing them like this, I have a fear of the Shekuan, so I have always been afraid of the incident of Shekuan.

1. Although the Sheung Wan is a long -term contraception measure, it cannot guarantee that you will not get pregnant after the upper ring

I have a friend’s cousin to get pregnant. According to my friend, her cousin was scared at the time, and questioned the doctor, but the doctor said that this could not be 100 % guaranteed that he would not be pregnant. He also needed other contraceptive measures.

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2. After the upper ring, there is a lot of menstrual flow, and it becomes irregular

According to a lot of friends who have finished the ring, the disadvantage after they finish the ring is that the amount of menstruation is particularly many every time, and the menstruation has begun to become irregular. Sometimes it comes to several times a month, and it is messy at once, and they are chaotic at once.This is a great harm to the body.

3. Causes uterine infections after the upper ring, and inflammation occurs

Due to the irregular operation of doctors, it is easy to cause uterine infections due to irregular operations, which leads to gynecological diseases such as endometritis, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease.

4. The body is worse after the upper ring

Many female friends have said that the body has become much worse after the upper ring. From time to time, she has a stomach pain, and she often has back pain.

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5. It is difficult to take out when taking the ring

Although the ring after the upper ring can be taken out, it is often difficult to take it out. This is because the ring has been placed in the body for too long, so the 40 -year -old aunt in the previous mention, her, her, her, her, her, her, her aunt, her, her aunt, her, her aunt, her, her aunt.It has been 22 years in the body. It has been very fleshy after a long time. It has to experience a lot of pain to take out the ring.

In short, I think the side effects of Shekuan are too great. Moms should not be easy to go on the ring.

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