Do you want to tell your husband for 6 months?

Women’s self -report:

Keywords: tires, change your mind

At the age of 29, he is now 6 months pregnant.Suddenly in recent days, I felt that this child was not my husband, so I took many ways to try to kill the fetus, but the result was unsuccessful.I am extremely painful, please help you now.

I married my husband at the age of 24. At that time, the conditions of our husband and wife were not very good. We discussed the struggle for three years and five years.Since then, my husband has been doing business. I can do a small business.He was rich, but his relationship with me also faded, and he began to find flowers outside and ask Liu.

I advised him to be invalid, with a resentment, I also started an attempt to try, and mixed with a classmate who had loved me in the early years, thinking that this was a balance.Later, because my husband suffered a lot of losses on a woman, he realized that he had come over, changed the evil to the right, and restored his previous love for me.I am also very happy about this, so I also want to pack my own absurd things, but it is easy to talk about it.My classmate said that he would not let me go. I was afraid that things were revealed, so I had to take a slow cooling method, because in this way, I had more relationship with my classmate.I’m sorry for him. If it’s okay, I really regret my impulse now. The days have passed day by day. I am so anxious that I can’t beat it. What should I do to tell my husband? What should I do?


Hello!I understand your mood very well.

No matter who this child is, he is innocent and life, so he needs to be cautious.

The derailment of your husband has taken you a wrong way to deal with this. Now because your husband returns, you want to return, but some things are no longer within your control scope.

The problem now is to face it. If you explain everything about the past, what will happen?Can your husband be assumed with you?If you don’t tell your husband, what will happen?

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