Doctor Changhai takes you to understand the test form

Red Net Moment December 14th (Correspondent Xiao Yan) Among all the testing, the simplest and most common is the blood routine. It looks simple, and in fact a lot of content deserves in -depth understanding.Here, Director Guo Zhongjie, Changhai Baoyuan Clinic, takes you to understand the test list -blood routine.

Routine blood tests have different "reference scope" among different groups. The reference range used by pediatrics is completely different from adults. The "reference range" of newborn is also very different from other age groups.

In the blood routine test report, the first one is the brunt. We must understand the white blood cells.In fact, the level of white blood cells of pregnant women will increase slightly slightly. White blood cell counting can reach the maximum of 19 × 10 at the highest period of pregnancy during pregnancy. This is normal level.Of course, if you have some symptoms, such as laryngitis, tonsil inflammation, gum swelling and pain, etc., at the same time, the increase in white blood cells is merged.As a single explanation.In addition, the increase in white blood cells may also be seen in some conditions of the reproductive tract infection and so on, so the increase in white blood cells itself is not terrible, but if you have some clear clinical symptoms, then the increase in white blood cells at this time should cause causePay attention to.

Guo Zhongjie introduced that in addition to white blood cells, we are also very concerned about platelets. Platelet counts will also increase slightly than without pregnancy. This elevation may be difficultCan compare with platelet count without pregnancy in the past.If the number of platelets in your pregnancy is rising more, then at this time may mean that you have a high -blood condensation state.A decrease in platelets generally refers to a situation below 100. When platelets <100, it is very important to be clinically valued. Especially for some patients with positive antibodies, they must pay great attention to platelet reduction.A clinical manifestation.When the volume of platelets increases the number of mergers, it is suggested that there are too many platelet consumption, which is to cause attention, which means that our body may have thrombosis.

After talking about white blood cells and platelets, there is a problem of red blood cells. In fact, in the process of pregnant women’s pregnancy, red blood cells or hemoglobin will have a physiological decline. This is a physiological anemia during pregnancy. It is a normal phenomenon.However, if the hemoglobin decreases more than a certain level, for example, below 90 grams per liter, then it must be actively treated at this time. When it is lower than 70 grams per liter, blood transfusion may be needed to correct anemia at this time to correct anemia.It is because such anemia may induce hypertensive diseases, or limited fetal growth, and so on.Mediterranean anemia is a very important screening item. Mediterranean anemia is a kind of anemia for iron utilization. That is to say, you have enough iron, but your body has no way to use these iron to synthesize hemoglobin.This is a genetic disease.

Whether it is platelets, red blood cells, or white blood cells, if there is a decline, it needs to be paid attention to. If the three categories drop at the same time, it may be a serious situation.Here, Guo Zhongjie, Changhai Hospital, calls on all patients with autoimmune diseases. Do n’t take it lightly for the blood routine test. Do n’t think that the blood routine is always a problem. In fact, a blood routine can reflect a lot of problems.With the blood routine examination form, we can find out the cause and symptomatic treatment.

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