Doctor, I took an emergency contraceptive but still pregnant. Can the child still ask?

A 23 -year -old girl came this afternoon and asked me two questions:

(1) Doctor, I obviously took the contraceptive pills afterwards last time, why did I still get pregnant?

(2) Doctors and doctors, will the contraceptive pills bad for the baby?Can the baby still ask?

Many young girls have asked me about this question. Today I will give you a popular science. Let ’s take a look at why I will get pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives:

1. The contraceptive effect of emergency contraceptives can reach 80-90%, that is to say, the medicine is used, and 10-20% is still inefficient.Affected by many factors).

2. Method errors: Correct usage requires as early as 48 hours after no protective sexual intercourse or contraception method error, as early as 48 hours (0.75 mg), 12 to 16 hours after the first table is taken, and then take the second piece.If it is 1.5 mg/piece, take 1 piece in a single.It should be noted here that if vomiting occurs within 2 hours after taking the medicine, take 1 tablet immediately.

3. Drug interaction.Some drugs can reduce the blood concentration of left germination ketone, which will affect the curative effect.The most common drugs that induce liver enzymes such as Liping, Hypnosis and Anti -Calibal drugs (sodium phenyto, Kamasi equal), and small forsythlery botanical drugs.

So after taking the emergency contraceptive medicine, can the baby still ask:

In the emergency contraceptive pills, the left pupaeurone itself is a progesterone analog. In addition to giving play to progesterone activity, it still has a certain degree ofrogen.Excessive use during pregnancy can affect embryoic organs.

As early as 2012, CFDA revised the pharmaceutical manual about Zuo Nuo Gactone [2], and added "known or suspicious pregnancy forbidden" item on the 2010 version of the instructions [3];Norine is also classified as Class X drugs, showing that it is harmful to the fetus and exceeds the scope of treatment benefits.

From this point of view, emergency contraceptives have a great impact on the fetus. Do you need to terminate pregnancy?

In fact, this is not exactly the case. At the stage where the sperm and egg have not been combined or just combined, the embryo has not reached the stage of organ development.Depending on each pregnancy examination, you must pay attention to it!

Finally, remind each woman to take precautionary measures when they are not intended to take a child, and do not always deal with it afterwards!

Women with gynecology or infertility, can leave a message, I have time to answer for everyone.

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