Doctor reminds: Frequent numbness, maybe it may be a warning from the body. These 8 diseases have quietly arrived.

Everyone will try it. If the hand does not change in one posture or has been under pressure from the outside world, it will appear numb, but as long as it is activated, the hand numbness will dissipate.Because of this, many people feel that it is a small problem about the symptoms of hand numbness.

Hand numbness is really a trivial matter, but there is a lot of attention behind the numbness.If you always have numbness for no reason, and even accompanied by other discomfort symptoms, it may be some disease signals. You need to go to the hospital early for relevant examinations to eliminate the danger of the disease.

1. Flat tunnel syndrome

To the greatest extent, let the wrists be flexed downwards. If the thumb, middle finger, and index finger feel numb and discomfort within one minute, you should be alert to the wrist tunnel syndrome.Use your fingers for a long time, especially with mouse or typing, so you can prone to the syndrome of the wrist tunnel.

In addition to numb fingers, the vessel tunnel syndrome will also be accompanied by pain and numbness. Among them, pain often occurs at night, and it can be relieved after a little movement.If this issue has been let alone, there will be a chance to cause the hand muscles to shrink and affect the normal movement of the hand.

2. Nervous root cervical spondylosis

When sitting, the hands are numb. After the neck is slightly moved, the symptoms of hand numbness improved.Due to the degeneration and secondary changes in the cervical disc, the peripheral nerve root is under pressure from the outside world, which will cause local pain.The thumb is numb when the sixth neck nerve root is affected by external pressure; when the seventh neck nerve root is under pressure, the ring finger, the middle finger, and the index finger numb are numb;

3. Stroke

Cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral vascular stenosis, thrombosis, and insufficient blood supply to the brain can easily lead to stroke. This is common in patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis, and its main symptoms are the numbness of the finger.Therefore, if the fingers are numb at the same time, it is accompanied by abnormalities such as blurred things, temporary black, headache and dizziness, unclear speaking, and abnormalities on one side of the limbs. It is recommended to seek medical treatment as early as possible.

4. Poisoning

If the hands and feet are numb after drinking, you should think of alcoholic poisoning as soon as possible. It does not deal with the system’s system function in time, and in severe cases, it can cause irreversible physical injury.

5. Diabetes

For diabetic patients, the height of blood sugar is easy to induce peripheral neuropathy. This is the main body characteristics that the left and right fingers are numb, showing symmetry, and it feels like wearing gloves in the hand.

6. Late pregnancy

Women during pregnancy usually appear numb on one or both sides in the evening of pregnancy, sometimes accompanied by pain, showing burning pain or acupuncture -like pain, so that the fingers cannot complete some fine movements, but they can improve after childbirth.

7, peripheral neuritis

It affects digestion and absorption due to gastrointestinal diseases, causing malnutrition over time.If the lack of vitamin B1 in the body is likely to induce peripheral neuritis, the main symptom is to numb hands, as long as it is appropriately supplemented by nutrition to improve.

8. Too much dosage

Taking some drugs, especially those of galcolin or other antibiotics, are likely to cause numbness of the limbs. This is the side effects of the drug. As long as the amount of medication is reduced or the drug is discontinued, it can improve.

Regarding the prevention and improvement of hand numbness, you can try the following methods: In daily life, people who often use computers should not be used for too long for a long time or mouse. Usually you can massage the Yangxi acupoint appropriately, Effectively improve the problem of poor hand blood flow at night can also be adjusted at night. In order to avoid single compression of the limbs, you can take a sleeping position on the right side.And ingesting various nutrients in a balanced manner, try not to picky eaters and partial eclipse. Those who often use hand can focus on supplementing B vitamins and discovering the hair numbness for a long time.

It is a trivial matter to make numbness on the hand and can generally relieve it by itself, but if you frequently reciprocate, you need to seek medical treatment early, so that the disease can be stifled at the beginning of the bud.

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