Documentary: After the 20 -year -old wandering girl, after being collected by the 60 -year -old man, she was pregnant and had a child, and her son grew up as an official

Author: Aqiang

Picture: From the Internet (it has nothing to do with graphics)

Two years ago, 60 -year -old single Li Laohan put cattle under the mountains in the village and saw a stray girl.The girl’s clothes were broken and embarrassed.Seeing this girl, Li Laohan knew that she was hungry, and the kind Li Laohan went forward to ask her where she was?The girl smiled stupidly.Li Laohan immediately understood that she was a mental patient.Judging from the girl’s situation, she has been wandering for a long time.Li Laohan suddenly had compassion and took this wandering girl with mental illness.What happened to Li Laohan after receiving this stray girl with mental illness?Let’s take a look at the following:

First, Li Laohan, 60, is a single man in the village. He lives alone at the foot of the mountain at the back of the village. Single alone, few people go to his house.Although Li Laohan was a single man, he was very hardworking. He raised chickens and ducks, ducks, and pigs, and raised two cows, planting a variety of crops, and rich life.Unfortunately, the hard -working Li Laohan, because of his introverted personality, unhappy.Therefore, he can’t marry his wife.After that, the brothers became family members, and their parents died, and he lived alone.It can be said that he is the oldest single man in our village.

The second is that after Li Laohan collected this stray girl with mental illness, she not only made her delicious meals, but also helped her sort out her hair, scrubbed her body, and bought her a few new clothes for her.After careful care of Li Laohan, this wandering girl looked fresh and clean.Although this wandering girl suffers from mental illness, she still needs family warmth.Since Li Laohan retained her, she no longer ran around and lived in Li Laohan’s house with peace of mind.Just like this, this wandering girl was pregnant, and then gave birth to a fat boy.Liu Laohan was very happy when he was his father. He took care of the mother and son all day and was full of energy.For Li Laohan, who is over 60 years old, he also has his wife and children to say goodbye to single and have a happy and beautiful family.It turned out that one person was full, and the whole family was not hungry. Now it is a family of three.Li Laohan develops production more diligently and increases economic income.Because Li Laohan knew that his child grew up, he wanted to live, to study, and need a lot of money. Only by working hard to develop breeding can children live well.

The third was when Li Laohan’s son was three years old.Suddenly someone came to the door. He was a neighboring county. When he heard that a stray woman with a mental illness in this village was collected by an uncle, he came to see if he was his sister, but found that he was his sister.Seeing that her sister and Li Laohan lived happily, and with her son, she would not take her back and let her live with Li Laohan.Li Laohan also learned that he had only received this stray girl with a mental illness at the age of 20.40 years younger than yourself.After they registered their marriage, the old husband and young wife were happy.

Fourth, Li Laohan’s son Ahui gradually grew up. He was smart, lively and cute, and ranked at the forefront of grades. He was admitted to the town key junior high school, and he was admitted to the county key high school.I was admitted to the township civil servants.Three years after civil servants, Ahui was promoted to propaganda members of the town and was a deputy department leader.Later, he was transferred to the deputy director of the county party committee. For Koyama Village, it was a big official.The villagers said that Li Laohan’s home was good. At the age of 60, he had a peach blossom to marry his wife. Now his son is an official in the county.

29 years ago, a 60 -year -old single Li Laohan saw a wandering girl with mental illness while letting the cow. The kind Li Laohan accepted this poor girl.son.This child does not have a bad gene of his mother, but is inherited with a good gene of Li Laohan’s smart and capable.A 28 -year -old son, Ahui, is an official in the county.At this time, Li Laohan was 89 years old. In the face of a son -in -law, Li Laohan always laughed and couldn’t lift his mouth. Although Li Laohan’s young wife just smiled stupidly, his smile was full of happiness.

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