Does a nucleoside drug affect pregnancy?How long can I stop the medicine?The doctor pointed out 6 countermeasures

Hello everyone, I am a doctor Yang Huasheng, focusing on the spread of traditional Chinese medicine and the popular science of health.

Whether it is on the Internet, or in the outpatient and ward, I encountered a patient asking me almost every day:

When can I stop nucleoside drugs?

There are many reasons for stopping the drug, and the most reason is that young people want to have children.

There are many young women, and many young women have very urgent demand for stopping drugs.

Because, you can’t have a child, you have faced the danger of family rupture.

Of course, the second part is to worry about the side effects of long -term medication, as well as virus mutation, drug resistance and other issues.

The third part is because the economic burden brought by long -term medication cannot bear it.

To summarize, it is nothing more than the above three reasons. Because there are many consultations in the face of such consultations, I want to introduce it together.

First of all, every patient, no matter what big -name experts you consult, you rarely get positive answers.

Because this is a very troublesome question, the answer is too simple, and the defendant may go to court.

Furthermore, there are no clear guidance internationally and domestic treatment guidelines.

What will happen to the result of stopping the drug is unclear.

Of course, there is another reason that the big -name experts are very busy and have no time to answer your various questions.

If a non -big -name expert says, even if it is well -founded, you are still likely to feel unbelievable.

Nowadays, everything must be believed in the brand. Although there are many brands like "Sanlu" and "Mengniu", they still have to believe in brand names.

The words are returned to the original, and the current standard of suspension of drug suspension of nucleoside drugs is:

"If you are used before the medication, it is an E antigen-positive, that is, Da Sanyang, it becomes Xiao Sanyang after medication. At the same time, HBV-DNA turns to yin, you need to continue the medication for one and a half years, then stop the medicine, and the drug is closely monitored for 1 year.Continue to stop the medicine without recurrence. "

The current problem is: after many patients take the medicine, they have not reached the advent of the thirteen yang, that is, the E antigen conversion, what should I do?

Patients who have already transferred are safe according to the above plan?

The answer to the guide is that the continued medication that does not reach the yin transfer, even if according to the standard plan, the recurrence rate after stopping the drug will recur with the extension of the drug discontinuation.

Patients with long -term medication without E -antigen conversion, continuing to take medicine will inevitably increase the possibility of virus variation.

Therefore, many patients feel that once nucleoside drugs are taken, just like the thief boat, riding a tiger is difficult to advance and retreat.

According to the current problems of nucleoside drug treatment, combined with personal experience and domestic and foreign expert opinions;

The summary countermeasures are as follows:

Patients’ professional knowledge is limited. Multi -party asking experts must not be blindly believed that the so -called "big -name experts" must be believed.

It is very important to evaluate the pre -medication. It is also an important reference basis for the history of the family.

Their approach is worthy of reference, and of course, they must comprehensively weigh the needs of the disease.

This situation is still common in my country.

Do not stop medicine without authorization, otherwise it may lead to very serious consequences.

It is not advisable to take half a amount of medicine every day or the next day. The results are equivalent to stopping the drug.

Everyone must understand that not every Chinese medicine doctor will cure liver disease. The results of the treatment depends on the test results and cannot listen to "flicker".

Chinese medicines cannot be abused, the more medicines are, the better!

The impact of nucleoside drugs on pregnancy is unclear, and there is no accurate information at present.

Note: Medical science cannot replace diagnosis and treatment, please follow the doctor’s advice.

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