Does cosmetics during pregnancy have a great impact on the fetus?Select cosmetics according to the 3 principle, no error will be made

Everyone who loves beauty, especially for girls, pays great attention to the maintenance of their faces.However, there is a problem that seems to have contradictions with girls who love girls, that is, girls cannot use cosmetics during pregnancy.Because some chemical ingredients are inevitable in cosmetics, it will affect the development of the fetus to a certain extent on the face of pregnant women.

Therefore, many pregnant mothers have to choose "plain face to the sky", and some of the too cautious mothers will still be for their babies, and even the most basic water milk dare not use it on her face.This will cause many pregnant mothers to have problems with the skin, such as dryness, dark yellow, etc., which will also have a psychological impact on pregnant mothers. It makes pregnant mothers have no confidence and is unwilling to face themselves.

It is in real life that many pregnant mothers have such troubles. Therefore, many makeup brands have launched cosmetics suitable for pregnant women, claiming to be pure natural, without adding any chemical components, and suitable for pregnant women.Therefore, we can see that many pregnant mothers can also travel beautifully, and pregnant mothers have the right to become beautiful.

Therefore, when choosing cosmetics during pregnancy, follow 3 principles, and will not make mistakes and will make you full of energy during pregnancy:

Makeup cannot be a natural plant ingredient, and there are chemical composition to a large extent, no matter what kind of makeup addition.For example, lipstick is applied to the mouth, it is easy to eat the stomach, which will be greater than the damage to the human body on the skin.

If you are attending very important activities or important occasions, there will be some impoliteness without makeup, and try not to make makeup.It can make a light makeup, that is, the respect for others is also respect for yourself.And don’t take makeup time too long, you should also clean up when removing makeup.

Pay more attention to the instructions of cosmetics. Do not use skin care products containing heavy metals, such as those containing lead mercury and copper ingredients, must be disabled.

When the description of some products is unclear, either choose to give up use, or go to the professional brand official website, ask customer service, and find the composition table of cosmetics.There may be some troubles in these links, but it will save a lot of follow -up troubles.

Because of the endocrine disorders during pregnancy, it is easy to cause the skin to turn black, pigmentation, and spots. At this time, many pregnant mothers will feel worried and inferior. They are eager to find whitening freckle products.Essence

Such behaviors are very wrong.Some unscrupulous institutions will tell you that this behavior has no effect on the fetus, and some pregnant mothers will choose to do it.This is potentially dangerous.It is necessary to understand the reasons for these situations, pay attention to preventing stalks during pregnancy, eat more fruits to supplement vitamin C, etc. As the production is over, these situations will also be alleviated, and you must face up to your own situation.

【What do you think of it?Have you ever experienced the troubles of mothers during pregnancy?.

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