Does menstruation affect pregnancy?

Auntie can be said to be a must -have problem for every woman every month ……….

Some women complain about the troubles brought by the auntie, but some women have few menstruation but are often ignored by them.EssenceIf not treated in time, it will further endanger physical health, so women with too little menstrual flow should pay attention to, understand the disease early, and treat them early.

In fact, many people do not pay attention to it, and they don’t have much perception of menstruation. Let’s take a look at related questions with less menstruation.

The menstrual flow is the total amount of blood loss of one menstruation, and the normal menstrual flow is 20-60ml, and less than this standard is that the menstrual flow is too small.

Generally speaking, if you have the following aspects, it belongs to the less menstrual flow, then you need to pay attention!

The sanitary napkin is basically not wet, there are only a few drops, just wet the surface, and the drop is clean.

Every time you come for a day or two, only one or two sanitary napkins are used, and one pack of sanitary napkins is not available for one cycle.

There is a week’s menstrual period, but only the pads are used every day

Mainly in the following aspects:


Uterine dysplasia

Menstruation is an endometrium peeling and bleeding with the changes in the ovarian cycle. If the uterus is not developing, such as the uterus is small or deformity, there are only a small amount of endometrium falling off during menstruation, resulting in a small amount of menstruation.

In addition, endometrial tuberculosis causes endometrium or curettage, which causes endometrial damage, and will also cause less menstrual flow or even amenorrhea.


Abnormal hormone secretion

Estrogen can stimulate the hyperplasia of the uterine endometrium, but if the hormone secretion in the body is abnormal, the hyperplasia of the uterine endometrium cannot reach the standard thickness, which will have a small amount of menstruation.

Generally speaking, women usually have endocrine, such as stress or emotional excitement and tension, which will cause the secretion of hormones in the brain of the ovarian estrogen.The secretion decreases and abnormal.

The function of other endocrine organs in the body, such as low thyroid function, and increased prolactin, which may also cause abnormalities of the pituitary ovarian axis and reduce menstrual flow.

After excessive diet, oral contraceptives, or the use of hormone -containing contraceptive rings, there will also be less menstrual passage, which is related to the decline in estrogen.


Ovulation -free menstruation

Women without ovulation will also come to menstruation. Medicine is called "ovulation -free menstruation".This is different from normal menstruation, belongs to the category of "functional uterine bleeding".The characteristics of this menstruation are irregular time, and the amount of blood is very small.

Some women’s menstrual cycles are only within 21 days, and there will be no mature follicles and luteal during this period, so that progesterone secretion will not occur, and estrogen is increased and reduced according to the growth of follicles.If the estrogen decreases, the retreat will occur, and the menstruation will occur, but so that the menstruation will be relatively small.


Excessive exercise, weight loss

Excessive exercise and weight loss have led to a decrease in fat content in the body, which is also a cause of reduced menstrual flow or even amenorrhea.

In fact, the reason for the small menstrual flow is multi -faceted. Therefore, it is best to go to the hospital to check the accurate cause in order to be targeted.

"Does the amount of menstruation affect pregnancy?" The amount of menstrual flow always makes many women worry that they have problems with their own body, and they are afraid that they cannot get pregnant.

Whether women can get pregnant mainly lies in whether there is a perfect nerve endocrine system and a sound reproductive organs, especially whether women’s ovaries are developing normally.

The amount of menstruation depends not only on these physiological foundations, but also closely linked with various factors such as psychology, external environment, and living habits.

Therefore, the amount of menstruation is not necessarily connected with women’s reproductive ability.

When women do not conceive, the endometrium of hyperplasia will fall off bleeding and form menstruation. If the estrogen in women is too low, the endometrium can not be proliferated.Therefore, the amount of menstrual flow is small indirectly affecting women’s pregnancy.

When encountering emotional tension, changes in the environment, or increasing psychological pressure, or sudden stimulus, it may cause temporary disorders of endocrine, increase or decrease estrogen secretion, increase the blood volume or decrease.The factors disappear, and menstruation can return to normal.

In addition, menstrual flow needs to check ovarian function and ovulation.

Less menstrual flow will affect women’s fertility and health. If abnormalities are found, they should be diagnosed and treated in the hospital in time.

treatment method:

1. Hormone supplementary therapy.Increase the growth of estrogen to stimulate the endometrium, adjust the dose of medication as appropriate according to the specific condition;

2. Improve the blood flow of the uterine arteries and improve the development of the endometrium;

3. Hysteroscopic surgery treatment, separate the uterine cavity adhesion;

4. Anti -tuberculosis treatment for those with tuberculosis;

5. Antibiotic therapy improves endometriosis;

6, granulocyte settling stimulus factor (G-CSF) uterine intravolenic perfusion to improve the thickness of the endometrium; stem cell therapy.


1. Avoid staying up late, eliminate fatigue, and do not be too anxious and stressful. Otherwise, it will affect endocrine and damage to organs.

2. Pay attention to keep warm. You should try to avoid eating raw food as much as possible, avoid blowing directly at air conditioners and fans, and avoid taking a cold bath.

If a woman has a small amount of menstruation, then pay attention. Don’t think that this is a trivial matter. You should actively regulate the disease. If this situation is relatively long, you should go to see the doctor for drug conditioning.

Reminder: The point of view of this article is only the science of pregnancy knowledge, and it cannot be used as a means of diagnosis and treatment. The specific diseases and diagnosis need to go to a regular hospital to find a professional doctor for specific analysis and treatment.

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