Does the legs swelling in the third trimester tight?Ms. Changsha was swollen for a month for 31 weeks of pregnancy, and she fell into crushing fractures

Manuscript source: Changsha on the palm of the palm

Ms. Liu, who was 31 weeks of pregnancy, suddenly twitched at home at home, causing crushing fractures on the upper part of the right humerus and dislocation of the right shoulder joint.EssenceToday, experts from the obstetrics and gynecology department of Changsha Middle Hospital (Changsha Central Hospital) of Changsha Middle School (Changsha Central Hospital) reminded that hypertension during pregnancy is one of the main reasons for the death of maternal and siege in the world. It is very important to prevent prevention.

Ms. Liu was very abundant during pregnancy, and her weight increased from 65 kg before pregnancy to 90 kg.During the pregnancy test, the doctor reminded her to grow too fast and she must be controlled, but the results of other output examinations were normal, and she did not pay attention.

A month ago, Ms. Liu found that her calf was swollen and gradually spread to her thighs and abdomen, but her neighbor told her that edema was normal during the third trimester, and she would swell after giving birth.Check together.Who knows a few days ago, Ms. Liu suddenly twitched after walking home, unclear consciousness, whitening her mouth, and the convulsions lasted about 3 minutes before recovering their consciousness.The family immediately took her to the hospital.

When admitted to the hospital, Ms. Liu had a second convulsions and conscious disorder. The doctor immediately sent her to the emergency rescue room and found that her blood pressure was as high as 190/120 mm Hg, severe edema in both lower limbs, 150 times/min in the fetal heart, considering pregnancy, considering pregnancy.Hypertension causes eclampsia.After rescue, the patient gradually stopped twitching and recovered.The subsequent examination results confirmed the doctor’s judgment.

"Ms. Liu’s injury led to the fragmented fracture of the mortar on the right and the dislocation of the right shoulder joint. After the orthopedic consultation, it is recommended to be treated after the condition is stable.You can consider termination of pregnancy, because the complications such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents and premature placental peeling of pregnant women may occur at any time, and maternal and infants will be in danger. "Chief physician Huang Yizhen introduced.

After multiple disciplines such as obstetrics, anesthesiology, and neonatal department, Ms. Liu had a 1700 grams of baby boy through a cesarean section surgery.treat.One day later, the maternal condition was steadily transferred to the obstetric ward, and then the orthopedic department was transferred to improve the fracture surgery.

"During the birth checkup one month ago, the results were normal. How did the situation suddenly become so serious?" Ms. Liu, who was recovering in the orthopedic ward, was very puzzled.Rao Lijuan, director of the obstetrics and gynecology, analyzed that Ms. Liu’s weight loss during pregnancy has increased, which has already belonged to the high -risk factors of hypertension during pregnancy, and there are excessive symptoms of edema and aggravated.The progress of hypertension during pregnancy is very rapid, and it may develop to a very serious level within a few days.

Hypertension during pregnancy can lead to reduced perfusion of various organs and systems of the pregnant woman, leading to damage to multiple organs and systems, such as cerebral hemorrhage, liver and kidney dysfunction, heart failure, platelet reduction, premature placenta peeling, limited fetal growth, etc., seriouslyIt is endangered that the life of the mother.Huang Yizhen reminded women and pregnant mothers during pregnancy to do a good job of pre -pregnancy examination and pre -pregnancy health care. During pregnancy, production inspections should be standardized, diet management, appropriate exercise, and controlling weight.Once pregnant women have pathological edema, excessive weight gain, blood pressure on the normal upper limit, etc., the number of birth examinations should be increased to detect hypertension diseases during pregnancy as soon as possible to avoid severe complications such as eclampsia.

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