Don’t blame the infertility abortion problem to women, male weakness and sperm can also lead to

In many people’s concepts, infertility is mostly a problem with the woman.But in fact, the infertile men also have a big reason.

In fact, not just infertility, 25%of abortion is directly related to the health of the man’s sperm.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, male friends have become increasingly irregular.Smoking, drinking and staying up late, and so on are the greatest scourge of male infertility.The endocrine disorders caused by nicotine, alcohol, and staying up late are a great weapon for killing essence, so often the chance of male infertility is much more than women.Infertility of IVF men, the most common problem of young, weak, and deadly?

Some doctors experts say that they do not mean that sperm is healthy as long as it is conceived. The degree of development of embryos has a lot to do with the mobility and traits of sperm.Embryo development and unable to leave are likely to be caused by too weak sperm. The development of embryos is closely related to the condition of the sperm cells.

In addition, the degree of sperm health can be learned from the vitality of the neck.Long -term smoking may lose free radicals. Too much food for chemistry, food, can also cause sperm loss to lose mobility. Obesity and San Gao are also the culprits that cause sperm quality to reduce sperm quality!

About 20%of male infertility are spermatic varicose veins and need surgery.In addition, too high the temperature of the scrotum is also one of the main reasons for the pests.Those who work in high temperature environment, hot springs, and narrow pants must be careful!The temperature of the testicles is 1,2 degrees lower than the body temperature.

Therefore, not all abortion was caused by mothers, and some of them were caused by male sperm too weak.

At present, the second -generation test tube technology has solved this problem well. The second -generation test tube technology will select high -quality sperm, and use advanced micro -injection equipment to inject sperm into the egg to complete the conception.Too weak problem.

Under what circumstances do men need to be a test tube baby?

First, less essence.Little sperm is the most common symptom of male infertility.The concentration of normal male sperm is more than 20 million per ml. If it is less than this value, it belongs to Shao Sperm.Normal men can not win 100 %. It is conceivable how difficult it is to have children with young sperm.

Second, no sperm.Anti -sperm is difficult to cure infertility, which not only makes patients feel deeply painful, but also makes doctors feel a headache.A sperm was not found in the sperm 3 times in the sperm, which is called non -sperm.There are two cases of non -spermist: one is the testicular dysfunction, called primary sperm non -sperm or non -obstruction.The second is that the testicular sperm function is normal, but it is called obstructive azoospermia.There is no sperm. This is really the biggest problem in male infertility.There is no way to cure.

Third, death.Dead sperm refers to the decline in sperm survival and more than 40 % of death sperm.Dead sperm refers to multiple semen examinations, and sperm is a dead person.Under normal circumstances, within 1 hour of semen excretion, more than 70%of the sperm survival should be more than 70%. If the dead sperm exceeds 40%, it will affect conception.Sperm survival time should be maintained by a 6 -hour survival rate of more than 20%. If there is no survival sperm within 6 hours, it can cause infertility.

Infertility is not difficult to open up. Regardless of whether men and women, as long as they are confident and actively treat, they will have unexpected results.

If you have any questions about pregnancy and infertility, you can ask me, and private messages must return.

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