Don’t drink "water beer" anymore!These 8 imported beer are real and experience the taste of pure beer

The heat of summer makes us eager to return home and enjoy the smooth taste of a can of ice beer on the sofa.

ah!That refreshing is intoxicating!

Whether it is an adult or a child, picking up a can of beer or drinks after returning home can meet the thirsty needs.

However, we often drink a few dollars of beer, and most of them belong to industrial beer.The raw materials used in these beer are relatively poor, and corn, rice and other components may be added to replace some malt for brewing to reduce costs.

In order to pursue high output and even add starch, shortening the fermentation time, so that beer cannot be fully fermented, and the taste is light and mediocre.Malto and alcoholicness are very low, which makes people feel tasteless, without bright spots.

If we do n’t know much about in the past, we will choose to drink such industrial water beer with a slightly poor quality. Now imported beer has poured into the Chinese market, and some domestic brands also pay more attention to beer quality.As long as we look for it, we can find a can of pure beer with excellent quality.Just like the 8 imported beer I recommend for everyone, all belong to pure beer. Not only are they have high malt concentration, they have a pure taste, they are also the best choices for relatives and friends.

Therefore, I suggest that you should not be limited to "industrial water beer" when you enjoy beer in summer, and don’t drink "water beer" anymore!These 8 imported beer are real and experience the taste of pure beer.

Fujiabai Beer is a best -selling entry -level craft beer, which combines Belgian flavor.You can find two versions in the supermarket: one from Belgium, and the other is made of Wuhan.The price of imported versions is slightly higher, but their taste is better.

Fajibai Beer uses up to 10 different ingredients, with an alcohol content of 4.5 degrees and a malt concentration of 11.7 degrees.The color of the wine is relatively light, with a slight turbidity, but the taste is very rich.

Its entrance has a slight sour and moderate bitter taste, and with the delicate taste of orange peel and seed seeds, it is endless. When I tried it for the first time, I was also amazing, especially suitable for beer enthusiasts.Hoegaarden Fajia White Beer Belgian Wheat White Beer 500ml*18 Listening to Cans Listening Beer ¥ 300 Buy

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