Don’t touch these 16 things during pregnancy during pregnancy

Hanging in October is a long and hard process.Expectant mothers are looking forward to the birth of the baby, but they have been vigilant and worrying during pregnancy, lest her mistakes that will hurt the baby.There are indeed some things in life seemingly inconspicuous, but they are the culprits that endanger the fetus.

1. Alcohol

During pregnancy, alcohol will enter the blood of pregnant women and flow into the placenta, causing fetal alcohol syndrome, which will affect the fetus and body in severe cases.Therefore, pregnant women should avoid drinking.

2. Nicotine

Some pregnant women also continue to smoke the habit of smoking during pregnancy. As everyone knows, when they smoke, they will cause severe hypoxia, which will affect the development of fetal intelligence and body, and even cause premature birth. The pregnant woman itself will cause many pregnancy complications.

3. Coffee

As we all know, caffeine can stimulate the brain. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women try to avoid drinking coffee and drinks containing caffeine, otherwise it will affect the fetal brain or heart development.

4. Drug

Everyone knows that pregnant women should choose drugs carefully during pregnancy.If there is a disease that does not take medicine, such as a cold, pregnant women can eat more foods containing vitamin C, or use food treatment methods such as ginger, sugar water.If you need to take medicine, you must take it under the advice of a doctor, and it is strictly forbidden to take your own medication.

5. Taking vitamin A overdose

Everyone knows that eating vitamin A will be beneficial to the body. Foods such as liver, milk, egg yolk and other foods are rich in vitamin A.However, if you eat too much vitamin A, there will be a danger of poisoning, and it will even cause fetal malformations or abortion.Pregnant women can take about 770mg of vitamin A daily.If you are breastfeeding, you can take 1300 mg vitamin A.

6, containing fish

Eating more fish during pregnancy can help the fetus develop intelligence and vision, but choose fish very carefully. Some fish are rich in mercury, such as catfish, flagfish, catfish, tuna, etc. If pregnant women are eaten too much, it will affect the fetal brain development of the fetusEssencePregnant women try not to eat fish fishing in rivers and lakes, because it is very likely that this type of fish has been contaminated by industrial, and for farming fish, avoid eating fish with antibiotics.

7, paint paint, insecticide, dishwashing, nail polish and other chemical toxic substances

In the early stages of pregnancy, the nervous system of the fetus developed rapidly. Pregnant women should prohibit chemical toxic substances such as paint, pesticides, and dishwashing essences.If you have to use it, you need to see the formula carefully before deciding whether to use it.However, the safest way is to stay away from these substances. When cleaning, you can choose to use soda, white vinegar and other substances instead of detergent.

Some walls on the wall have fallen off, and pregnant women with walls should be far away.This is because the painted paint contains excessive lead. The peeling of the paint will float some fragments and dust in the air. If the pregnant woman sucks it by mistake, these substances will accumulate in the respiratory tract to cause lead poisoning, which will affect the health of the fetus.Essence

Although pregnancy is a very important thing, this is not to say that expectant mothers want to give up their feet and nails.If the quality of nail polish is not good, it will make the expectant mothers feel nauseous to a certain extent, but if you go to the beauty shop, the smell of the nail polish you contact is not available in the baby’s belly.How much harm

8. Cat feces

Some pregnant women have always maintained the habit of raising cats. During pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid contact with cats and avoid infection with bow -shaped worms, which affects the health of the fetus.If you have to clean up the cat’s stool yourself, you should wear gloves to clean up, and seriously disinfect your hands afterwards.

At the same time, pregnant women should avoid eating fruits contaminated by wild cat feces when eating fruits, and carefully clean them before eating fruits.

9. Sauna and sweat steaming

During pregnancy, pregnant women’s temperature will be slightly higher than ordinary people.In addition, steaming hot springs, sauna, and steaming can easily cause the genitals of pregnant women to be infected by bacteria.During pregnancy, it will have adverse effects on the nerve development of the fetus, which will cause excessive temperature in expectant mothers. In this way, there is a certain probability that causes the fetus to develop malformations in the first three months of the pregnancy.

10. Stress

Many pregnant women have been working during pregnancy, but pressure from the workplace will bring discomfort to pregnant women.For example, constipation and insomnia, these problems seem not serious, but they can endanger the health of the fetus. Studies have shown that pregnant women with too stress have a danger of premature birth and light weight.

11. Facial beauty

Basic facial beauty is very helpful for mothers’ skin, especially in the stage of physical hormone imbalance during pregnancy.

However, what you want to know is that not all the beauty methods are safe for expectant mothers, such as essential oil massage, heat therapy, electrotherapy, etc. These stimulating beauty methods can be avoided during pregnancy.Mom can welcome a healthy baby.

12. Hair dyeing and perm

According to foreign experts, there are relatively few chemical components in permanent or one -time hair dye, and hair dyeing is actually possible during pregnancy.Only a small part of the hair dye will be absorbed by the skin, which is not harmful to the baby.

However, for the health of the baby, the doctor’s suggestion is to prevent hair dyeing and perm during pregnancy.

13. Tattoo

Few people know that tattoo fuel also contains chemicals. For expectant mothers, such things are also a very dangerous thing.Studies have proved that expectant mothers will easily infect hepatitis B and AIDS virus when tattoos.For the concerns and safety hazards caused by these tattoos, expectant mothers should not be tattoo.

14. Tooth whitening

It is best not to go to the hospital for teeth whitening when you are pregnant.If the expectant mother wants to have a pair of bright teeth, the best way is to mix strawberries and soda powder into a paste, and rinse it for five minutes.The reason for this is because strawberry contains apple acid, and apple acid is a natural healthy substance that breaks down stains.

15. Physical film care

Body film care is a specific area of the hot towel in the body, which has a great effect on the body’s fat.

But the body care is actually dangerous for expectant mothers.The reason is that during the burning of fat, the body temperature of expectant mothers will be increased. If the temperature is too high, it is very bad for the baby.The doctor’s temperature should not exceed 102.2 Hua’s body temperature.

16. Massage

Studies have shown that massage during pregnancy can appease the anxiety and depression of prospective mothers to a certain extent and reduce muscle and joint pain.Some hot springs provide prenatal massage, but if expectant mothers want to be safe, they must ensure that they are professional personnel.

There are many precautions during pregnancy, which may be very troublesome.However, ten months of attention in exchange for the health of the baby’s life, I believe that expectant mothers will not refuse.Therefore, during pregnancy, please pay attention to the 16 points mentioned above. In the past ten months, correct their bad habits, pay more attention to diet, and stay away from dangerous and harmful items.At the same time, pay attention to relaxing, avoiding too much pressure to cause the baby to have tension, and use the best to welcome a healthy and happy baby.

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