Don’t want to move all day after pregnancy, just lie at home to brush your phone?These problems are not improper for pregnant mothers

Go to visit an old friend who has just become pregnant on the weekend. It is not easy to say that friends who are friends. They have been working hard to work. When they want children, they have the heart to plant flowers. They have been working hard to actively actively activelyPreparing for pregnancy, but Xiao Ai’s belly has no movement, making Xiaoai very depressed, and even wants to be a test tube baby, but think about it, IVF not only costs, but also psychological pressure. At that time, I also wanted to try again.One and a half years of load, if not, go to test tube babies if not.

Just a while ago, the two returned to their hometown because of something. The two also went to the surrounding scenic spots to play. It may be a rare relaxation season. After returning, Xiao Ai actually measured that he was pregnant.

Xiao Ai immediately became the "big panda" of the whole family. The focus of the protection object, because she was her own company, her husband was not allowed to go to work, and her mother -in -law also rushed from her hometown to make her delicious every day.

Because of pregnancy, Xiao Ai did not want to move all day. Every day I ate and sleep, and when I went to see her, I found that she had a big circle as a whole person as a balloon.

I joked and said: Why are there no pursuit now? What about the little fairy before?

Xiao Ai smiled happily: No way, her husband was used to, her mother -in -law was also used to it, and she changed her way to make me delicious. Now I eat and sleep all day long, sleep, and eat, and I do n’t even have the door all day.When you go out, you can play with your mobile phone. How can I do if I do n’t get fat?

I said: You should pay attention to your giant panda. It ’s not a good thing to go out.

The pregnant mothers after pregnancy, because the sagging of the brain can secrete growth hormones. This hormone is not for the growth of the mother, but for the growth of the fetus, it is an indispensable material for the fetus.This hormone can also help mothers to eliminate physical and mental fatigue, so pregnant mothers after pregnancy want to sleep very much;

There are also some mummy because of the fierce pregnancy vomiting in the early pregnancy, and vomiting seven 荤 还. During that time, I walked all the time, and I was particularly sleepy every day. I didn’t want to go out all day;

No matter what, after a period of early pregnancy, it is recommended to move around in the golden period of pregnancy in the second trimester.It’s not particularly beautiful to sleep at home to sleep at home all day:

Maybe fat is not fat children

An inaccurate person, eating and sleeping all day long, sleeping and eating, it is also easy to get fat. After all, the human body is balanced, just eat, not exercise, not to mention that the pregnant mother eats more every day.Naturally, it also blown up and fattened;

In other words, it is difficult to reduce it after getting fat. The pregnant mother who can eat is a fat belly and not fat; gestational diabetes finds you

Due to obesity, it can cause a series of various diseases, such as gestational diabetes, which may cause fetal pollution and premature birth; strict gestational diabetes requires strict requirements.

People are waiting to be abandoned.I remember that I loved sports in elementary school. I went out to run out of each class after each class. I was busy with my homework in middle school. I was less exercise during class. I obviously felt that my physical fitness was not good before;The physical fitness will be much worse.This is also the truth.It is a bit difficult when giving birth

It is necessary to exercise more to give birth, and it is difficult to give birth without exercise.A friend was dragged to walk by her husband every day in the third trimester. It was easy to give birth to an eldest son at the due date, but it shows that exercise is not the only condition for delivery, but the exercise is indeed conducive to the fetal delivery.

Finally, it is recommended that the pregnant mothers who do n’t like to go out all day. Even if you do n’t like exercise in the early pregnancy, you will take action in the second trimester.Go out from 1 to 2 pm to walk.

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