Doubts from pregnant mothers: They are all pregnancy. Why are some people vomiting seriously, but some people are safe?


When you are pregnant with your girlfriend in the same month, who can think of the experience of the two people is indeed different:

Girlfriends are really enviable. Three months from confirmation to pregnancy, there are basically no major changes. They should eat and drink every day. The appetite is even better than before pregnancy.

And I am not so lucky.Since pregnancy, I have been vomiting. I can barely eat something at first, but now I see meals and disgusting, and I have a few pounds of weight.

There is really a moment of regret that if there is no pregnancy, you don’t have to bear such a great torture.Looking at the increasingly thin self in the mirror, it is really particularly worried that if the baby can’t absorb nutrition, will it affect his development?What affect his health?

Seriously, pregnancy is normal during pregnancy, but why some people vomit seriously, and some people are commonplace. This is the place where pregnant mothers are most confused.Especially the girlfriends who are pregnant at the same time, others eat it, and they vomit the darkness, not to mention how uncomfortable the taste is.

Severe pregnancy vomiting, most of these reasons

1. Change of hormone levels

Everyone knows that after pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body will change to varying degrees, which is also the biggest cause of different vomiting during pregnancy.After pregnancy, most pregnant mothers have abnormal or disordered hormone secretion, which is difficult to avoid.

Pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy vomiting are mainly the secretion of progesterone, which leads to the serious response of their pregnancy.Of course, it is normal to secrete progestin during pregnancy, and pregnant mothers do not need to be too nervous.Instead, it does not secrete progestin, which has a greater impact on physical health and baby development.

2. Changes in the level of digestion during pregnancy

Before pregnancy, some pregnant mothers have the problems of gastrointestinal and digestion.After pregnancy, this problem will be more obvious. Coupled with the changes in body hormones, pregnancy will be more serious.Of course, this is also reminding pregnant mothers: congratulations, pregnancy!

For women with better spleen and stomach and digestive ability, the probability of vomiting during pregnancy is relatively low.At least, there is no frequent vomiting and will not affect their normal diet.Although pregnancy is uncomfortable, it still needs to be exercised in moderation to accelerate the metabolism and digestion of the spleen and stomach.

3. Change of taste and smell during pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers have such a situation: I like sweets very much before, but after pregnancy, as long as they see or smell sweets, they will feel nauseous.The food that I don’t like before pregnancy becomes the best after pregnancy, and it has a certain relationship with the secretion of progesterone.

With the changes in taste and smell, pregnant mothers have obvious reactions, and they show disgusting and vomiting with nausea and vomiting.In severe cases, some pregnant mothers are sensitive to the taste of the air, and can only stay in a familiar environment all day.

4. Change of mood during pregnancy

Many pregnant mothers do not know that changes in mood during pregnancy will also affect pregnancy reactions.It stands to reason that pregnancy is a happy thing. As long as you survive in October, you can wait until the baby is born.Can be defined, after determining pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have begun to be anxious and stressed.

Most of them are worried about the growth and health of the baby, and there are different anxiety every day.I have to say that the imagination of pregnant mothers is really rich.It is precisely because of anxiety that many pregnant mothers have begun to vomit.

I really caught so much cause of vomiting during pregnancy.The changes in the body’s endocrine are difficult to control external forces. In addition to finding a way to relieve pregnancy, pregnant mothers are the rest to relieve stress and metastasize attention.

They specially consulted some pregnant mothers with relevant experience. With their own experience, they summarized some ways to improve pregnancy, hoping to help more pregnant mothers.

Relieve the way of pregnancy, try it quickly

1. Persist in eating less meals

Now that you know that you are pregnant, you must develop the habit of "eating less" from from which angle.Eat less, and the pressure on the stomach and intestines is smaller. Maybe it can alleviate pregnancy vomiting!

2. Persist in relaxation

There is no way. Many times, pregnant mothers need to "self -rescue", and relieving mood is the best way to save self -rescue.Do more things that make yourself happy, don’t always think about it, let alone get into the horns.

3. Stay away from irritating taste and food

For pregnant mothers with extremely sensitive taste, they must start with the smell and stay away from those foods that make them vomit.No matter how bad you are, you can change the environment, go to nature, and get along with fresh air.

4. Persist in moderate exercise

Who said that after pregnancy, you must lie in bed?The older generation of thoughts really have to change!During pregnancy, you really need to pay more attention to rest, but you are not lying on the bed. The appropriate amount of exercise is better to the body.

Vomiting during pregnancy is not a disease, it does affect health.If you also have a good way to relieve vomiting, you can leave a message in the comment area. Everyone explores and learn.

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