Dr. Li Mei Dr. During pregnancy, derailment and exercise caused abortion. Netizens: TV series dare not shoot like this

Recently, a doctor who stayed in the United States was derailed during pregnancy, because of the large movement caused the news of the abortion of amniotic fluid, which caused heated discussion among netizens.With the continuous fermentation of the incident, the heroine’s husband was angry and exposed the heroine’s chat history. After reading it, she should be able to refresh the three views directly. I did not expect that someone really dared to play in real life!

The female doctoral husband showed the wedding photos of the two in China. From the perspective of appearance, the two were also the appearance of Lang Cai. In addition, the heroine was still a doctor in the United States.

Judging from the chat history of the husband and the heroine, the heroine has become a little cold at this time, but her husband is naive to think that it is the wife’s "pregnancy syndrome" or the pressure of learning.I believe his wife has been derailed.

Curiously opened the female lead’s mobile phone, only to find that he was a clown, and the fact that his wife had a miscarriage finally came out.

Judging from the exposed chat records, the female lead has been improperly related to other men for a long time. It has been obsessed with "shaving" all day and cannot extricate themselves. The chat records are bold and shameless.It is a female doctor who is abroad, and her thoughts are also very open.

Surprisingly, after the heroine was revealed by her husband, she did not admit what she did, even ashamed of anger, bite directly, and began to blame her husband’s incompetence.It’s too powerful.

It is worth noting that at this time, the heroine has been pregnant for 34 weeks, which can be regarded as the third trimester. Normally, for the baby, it should restrain her behavior. Once a problem occurs, it will hurt the baby in the belly.

Obviously, although the heroine is "learning bully" in a certain field, it is "illiterate" in other aspects. In addition, the female lead is eager to enjoy herself, completely disregarding the baby in her belly.Abortion can be said to be quite selfish, showing the darkest side of myself.If it wasn’t for the exposure of the husband, I believe that such a plot would not dare to perform even a TV series.

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