Drink too much milk, will you get kidney stones?Can people with kidney staples can’t supplement calcium?

Milk has white blood titles. Due to its high nutritional value, it can obtain rich lactose, vitamins, and protein, and many people insist on drinking milk every day.However, what are the adaptive people of milk to understand in detail, each person’s physical condition is different, the diet must be adjusted, and the best way to eat can be used to provide nutrition and stay away from the disease. Among them, many people worry about it.Will it suffer from kidney stones?

From the perspective of milk nutritional ingredients, the calcium elements per 100 ml of milk reaches 110 mg, and the absorption rate is high. It is an important source of calcium. It can promote bone health and maintain the density of bone.The elderly are more suitable.

The causes of kidney stones are complicated. If calcium is replenished correctly, kidney stones will not be directly triggered.

Some people have a long -term diet, the food is not reasonable, and the lack of exercise, and insufficient drinking water, will accelerate the formation of kidney stones.If you can master the method of drinking milk and control the amount, don’t worry about the accumulation of crystalline substances affecting kidney health.

Can patients with kidney stones supplement calcium?

In most people’s concepts, as long as the kidney stones appear, calcium can not be supplemented, because the main components of kidney stones include calcium oxalate, uric acid, etc., and the response of calcium with other substances will form a crystal.Continuous development will threaten health.

In addition, urinary tract obstruction, infection, long -term bed rest, metabolic abnormalities, and errors of diet are all important causes of kidney stones.

From the perspective of many complicated reasons, simply calcium supplementation is not the fuse of kidney stones. Instead, an appropriate amount of calcium supplementation can also prevent diseases.The concentration of calcium and oxalate in human blood is low, and the kidney has a heavy absorption function. If the calcium and oxalic acid concentration is too high, the crystals will form. However, most of the calcium drinking milk enters the blood.Naturally, it is not easy to form calcium oxalate stones.

What should I pay attention to when drinking milk?

Drinking milk should master the method, not too much. Some people drink too much daily after learning the high nutritional value of milk. In addition to obtaining rich calcium and protein, it will also increase digestive pressure. Symptoms such as flatulence, diarrhea, and abdominal pain will occur.People also drink ice milk directly, which is more irritating to the stomach.

Even if milk can provide a variety of nutrients, consider physical adaptability, and control the amount at the same time to absorb nutrients normally.

People who are not tolerant of lactose matter should not drink pure milk directly. Pure milk contains lactose, but the body cannot be tolerated. It cannot be transformed into other substances to absorb normally.

Other people are allergic to milk. As soon as they drink milk or other foods containing milk ingredients, the skin will rash, which is obviously itchy. These are all manifestations of the body that cannot be adapted. Do not drink milk with these prerequisites.

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