During my daughter -in -law during pregnancy, her husband and father -in -law did not avoid it. After the baby was born, the whole family was stunned.

During her daughter -in -law, her husband and father -in -law smoked for no pregnant woman. After the baby was born, the family was stunned!

During fertility, pregnant women are most worried about the fetal deformity or congenital diseases.Not long ago, my friend Fengfeng’s child was born, but after a few minutes of birth, the doctor told a thing that made the family sad. This child had lip cracks.During pregnancy, I did a B -ultrasound check and did not find any problems. Why do children have lip cracks?

Later, the doctor also explained: "Even if the pregnant woman is healthy and does not lack nutrition, external factors can cause abnormal embryos, such as smoking and drinking, of course, it does not rule out second -hand smoke." LaterHusband often convened friends to eat dinner. Men in a room not only made the room taste wine, but also some men also smoked at will. Fengfeng would smell a strong cigarette smell when eating. However, these are friends of their husbands.She can’t drive others to leave!

Moreover, her husband also took the lead in smoking, and Fengfeng, who was afraid to say more, could only hide, but the room was so large, and he could smell the strong smell of cigarettes. Fengfeng also quarreled with her husband many times.But the husband didn’t think so. He felt that a little smoke could affect the smell. Anyway, this kind of thing happened frequently. When the husband shouted someone to eat, many men and friends started smoking. Fengfeng was too lazy to care about them. Later, the child was.Born was told that suffering from lip cracks, the whole family also dumbfounded for this. Her mother -in -law also questioned that Fengfeng was not inspected in her own life and miserable her grandson. For this reason, Fengfeng even had the urge to divorce her husband.Essence

We all know that smoking is not good, especially when there are pregnant women, let alone smoke, and pregnant women cannot smoke, but sometimes some men have great masculinity, and even if pregnant mothers persuade them, they can only do it. In the end, the tragedy can only be a child alone.Carrying, of course, this is not to say that if pregnant mothers stay in such an environment, babies will definitely cause lip cracks, but they will increase the possibility of lip cracks.

1. The impact of cigarettes on the fetus

Long -term inhalation of second -hand smoke in pregnant women will reduce the blood oxygen concentration of pregnant women, leading to hypoxia.The main ingredients in tobacco nicotine can cause pregnant women’s vascular stenosis and slow blood flow, which means that the nutrition and oxygen supply to the fetus will be reduced, which will easily lead to slow or premature birth in infants.Premature babies are likely to cause weak resistance, difficulty in body temperature regulation, etc., and severe will also cause abnormal fetal development!Seeing this, I also want to persuade those pregnant mothers or prospective dad who often smoke: Please put your cigarettes on the table!

And even for relatives and friends, the pregnant mother must stop it in time when they see this situation, especially when a holiday party is a relative. It is inevitable that someone will not care whether there is a pregnant woman.Smoking, the entire house is shrouded in smoke, but at this time, have you considered the feelings of pregnant women and fetuses?It is precisely because these people do not care that pregnant women and babies have suffered great pain, and even the relationship between pregnant mothers and these relatives and friends will be stiff.

2. What should I do if my friends who encounter smoking during dinner?

1. Actively inform the good news so that the people around you know that you are pregnant.In this way, most relatives and friends will choose not to smoke.If they want to smoke, they can get up and go out to smoke outside.

2. In a place where there are many people, try to keep the room flowing the air. Pregnant mothers can sit at the air outlet, which can reduce excessive absorption of second -hand smoke.

3. Try not to let yourself stay in such an environment for a long time. If persuasion, the pregnant mother can go out and go out, or go out to go out with the wife and friends of the relatives and friends, do not stay with men.

Third, my husband smokes, what should the pregnant mother do?

Some experts have analyzed more than 5,000 pregnant women. Some scholars have found that the birth rate of the congenital deformity of the pregnant woman who likes smoking is about 2.5 times that of no smoking pregnant women.If the husband smokes but does not avoid smoking, pregnant women will also inhale caramel and nicotine floating in the air.Children in smoking families suffer more respiratory diseases than children without smoking families.

Therefore, don’t let the baby’s injury to cigarettes, the smoking ban is imperative!Pregnant mothers can solve this way!

1. There are small brands that are prohibited from smoking everywhere at home to warn the prospective dad so that he can see his eyes, and even the idea of smoking will gradually be eliminated.

2. Throw all the ashtray and lighter at home, don’t give the smoking husband any chance.

Of course, during the entire pregnancy, pregnant mothers should try to avoid passive smoking. If you occasionally inhale, you don’t have to worry too much. You should pay attention to drinking an appropriate amount of water to remove the toxins in the body, which also helps the fetus growth.If the family smokes, the family should let the family know the harm of second -hand smoke in pregnant women. If they want to smoke, pregnant women can urge them to go back outdoors before returning.Pregnant mothers usually eat more fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins, which can reduce the harm of second -hand smoke to pregnant women.

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