During pregnancy and breastfeeding breasts soaring!Gradually expand and sag!Should we wear bras?

After pregnancy, the breasts will change a lot, and sometimes it is really embarrassing!I believe that many pregnant mothers will have this experience. As the estrogen secretion during pregnancy increases, the whole body blood flow during pregnancy will gradually accelerate (old feels hot), and let the breasts in the breasts in the breast proliferateAnd thicker breast ducts.The breasts started to "get up and more and more" every day!

Many brains after pregnancy are not suitable for wear!Especially the bondage shape with a steel ring has been thrown aside.

Especially after giving birth, breast changes are greater!From a big belly woman to a big cow, especially whenever she feeds Ulara, it is a flood of motherly love. When happiness burst, nothing is more important than taking care of her "granary"!

But many pregnant mothers have such troubles:

During pregnancy and breastfeeding breasts soaring!Gradually expand and sag!Should we wear bras?IntersectionIt’s uncomfortable to wear!

In the past, a pregnant mother asked me what kind of breastfeeding underwear was better. I was suffering from unable to find comfortable underwear, which made me recommend underwear that is suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding.I also repeatedly encountered walls on the selection of breastfeeding underwear. I bought a lot of different brands and spent a lot of money. Some of them were either a bust and there was a trace of bust.The chest is sweaty, and the experience of the little white mouse can’t afford to hurt!

A lot of breastfeeding mothers do not like to wear bras, and feel that feeding is convenient. In fact, it is wrong. Wearing the bra can not only protect the milk from being squeezed into mastitis, but also effectively prevent the breast sagging.It’s embarrassing to overflow the milk and don’t be afraid of wet clothes!

Breast breasts, solve four kinds of troubles:

1. After the milk is raised, the bras become smaller, breast tenderness 2. Disposcopic, the cup is 3 or two hours of feeding, frequent unlocking is not convenient. 4. The hook is too hard, and it is not comfortable to press the seal.

[Innovative buckle] B -type hook -type buckle, unique design, easy to operate with one -handed operation, can meet the wearing needs during the postpartum during pregnancy.

[Exclusive chest pad] The built -in chest pad that can be extracted is more humane, easy to replace cleaning, and is suitable for different seasons.

[Elastic and comfortable fabric] Higher size adaptability, which can well fit the body that is constantly changing during pregnancy.

[Shoulder strap settings] Built -in shoulder straps, connecting the main shoulder strap to prevent the main shoulder strap fall off during breastfeeding, providing more support for the breast.

[Back U -shaped design] Strong support, can effectively support the chest shaping, can pull the back upward to prevent fat accumulation.

I wish mothers all become qualified big cows!

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