During pregnancy, can you exercise during pregnancy?See how people say

I saw photos of pregnant women on the Internet before, and pregnant women who have been pregnant for nine months are still insisting on exercise.For such videos, netizens’ comments are also strange.Some say that pregnant mothers are irresponsible, knowing the late pregnancy, just for a moment of happiness, regardless of the baby’s health and stability.Some netizens expressed their support and felt that since the pregnant mother has been exercising, it means that her physical condition is okay.

Regarding this question, there is no accurate answer, because the physical condition of each pregnant mother is different, so everything is based on health.If you have always had the habit of fitness before, and multiple production checks to ensure that the fetus and your own health are not good, then appropriate fitness is still possible.

Of course, many women will have discomfort during pregnancy. They need to take a good rest in accordance with the doctor’s advice, and naturally they cannot do fitness. After all, health is more important.

From this point of view, whether you can fitness or decide according to your own physique.

All in all, pregnancy is not sick, nothing is impossible, as long as you can do it.Perhaps the traditional habits before will give women a misunderstanding and give them the idea of bed bed.But now, the prejudice of pregnancy has gradually disappeared, and it is more about science.

It turns out that insisting on exercise during pregnancy is still necessary, not only does it not harm the health of the fetus, but also helps the body of the pregnant mother.Therefore, those pregnant women who are always lying on the bed after pregnancy are really necessary to move their bones.

1. Improve sleep

Many pregnant women said that they felt tired after pregnancy, but they couldn’t sleep in bed, and this feeling became more serious.Rather than, it is better to exercise appropriately, so that the body will have more fatigue, maybe I sleep when I fall down.

When the body and psychology are slightly tired, the need for pregnant women for sleep will increase.Therefore, fitness can relieve insomnia or less sleep during pregnancy.

2. Improve your mood

People around them are telling pregnant women that "mood is very important", always maintaining a positive and sunny mentality, so that the baby can be healthier.But the people around me have forgotten that life will not be smooth sailing, the more susceptible to trouble during pregnancy.Many pregnant women often think about it, coupled with the unwillingness in life, it is inevitable that they will be anxious and nervous.

If it is blindly drilling the horns, it will really affect the health of ourselves and the baby.When you do n’t know how to solve emotions, you may wish to exercise and repeat the simple movement, which will really make pregnant women release bad emotions.

3. Improve your body

In fact, fitness during pregnancy is also very good for the body. It can enhance the cardiopulmonary function of the body and reduce the problem of panic and asthma. Even the problem of back pain and back pain can be relieved.And during pregnancy, fitness also consumes fat. Many pregnant women are worried about excessive obesity and worry about the baby’s huge children. These problems can be relieved in fitness.

The most important thing is that fitness can enhance muscle strength, especially for pregnant women who want to give birth, it will really benefit a lot.It is said that pregnant women who are constantly fitness are easier for their labor and harm to the body.

Unexpectedly, there are so many benefits to physical fitness during pregnancy. Many pregnant women are eager to try and want to quickly join the fitness team.However, although the fitness is good, not all pregnant women are suitable. Many precautions still have to understand early.

1. Don’t open up new actions

Although it is not sick during pregnancy, women’s body will change significantly. Many seemingly simple moves are not necessarily suitable for them.Therefore, fitness should pay attention to the principles of stable during pregnancy. It is not recommended to open up new fitness actions, and it is good to maintain the previous habits. After all, the body is memory.

2. Ask the doctor’s suggestion

Persistence for a birth check is the task and responsibility of each pregnant mother.If you want to fitness, you need to consult the advice of a professional obstetrician first. They can give the most professional criteria through professional testing data.Usually, as long as it is a healthy pregnant woman, fitness will be allowed.

Fitness movements are divided into many types, usually low -intensity exercise, suitable for the entire pregnancy.The high -intensity fitness exercise really varies from person to person, it is best to be carried out when the fetus grows stable.The purpose of fitness is to be better in physical fitness, so it is necessary to reject these high -risk factor movements.

Not all fitness items are suitable for pregnancy, such as balls, skiing, horse riding and other campaigns. It is recommended that pregnant women do less.Because these actions are unsafe, it is easy to cause physical imbalance, which will cause inexplicable damage.No matter how much you like ball sports, you still have to bear it during pregnancy.

Each person’s physical ability is different. During pregnancy, fitness items must be combined with their own conditions and obstetricians’ advice.The safest project should be walking, swimming and pregnancy yoga. The favorite pregnant mothers can first try it.

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