During pregnancy, can you treat vaginal inflammation, can you treat it?These 3 points, you need to master

For pregnant mothers, the most worried thing is that she suffers from gynecological inflammation during her pregnancy.Among the considerable part of women, there is indeed such a situation, that is, it is diagnosed with vaginal inflammation during pregnancy. This disease will have a great impact on the health of pregnant mothers, especially it will cause itching and pain in private parts. ThereforeIt also puts many pregnant mothers in a dilemma. Is it forbearing or receiving treatment?If you receive treatment, you will worry about bringing a threat to your baby’s health.

So, there are vaginal inflammation during pregnancy, will it adversely affect the fetus?In other words, if there is vaginal inflammation during pregnancy, do you need to be treated?These 3 points may be given to you.

1. How does vaginal inflammation exist during pregnancy?

The reason is actually mainly related to the physical fitness.Many pregnant mothers suffer from gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Hypergly sugar state will adversely affect the micro -environment of the vagina, which will cause vaginal inflammation.

Among them, more common mold vaginitis in vaginal inflammation will appear at this time.Therefore, it is not surprising that many pregnant mothers have vaginal inflammation, let alone feel that they have not done a good job of private parts. They feel that they must use medicine to rinse their private parts in order to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

2. Can vaginal inflammation during pregnancy be administered?

Although the drug will have a certain impact on the baby in the female belly, it is necessary to remind everyone that not all drugs will affect the baby.Because the drug is also divided into levels of the fetal toxicity, some drugs have clearly deformed effects, but some do not.

Therefore, for pregnant mothers, what kind of drugs should be used to treat vaginal inflammation should also be planned and regularly used under the guidance of professionals.Bring a threat to the health of the fetus.

In short, everyone must know that not all drugs have teratogenic effects. You must learn to distinguish, start from the actual situation, and comprehensive balance.

3. What are the channels for drugs during pregnancy?

The reason why vaginal inflammation occurs is actually related to the disorders of the flora in the vagina.Therefore, for pregnant mothers, there are two ways that can be administered. One is vaginal administration, and the other is orally.

However, which one should be selected, or according to the actual situation, if it is early pregnancy, you should consider observing treatment. For patients with not very serious symptoms, try not to take medicine.

However, for pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy, if the symptoms are more serious, it is necessary to consider oral and vaginal administration at the same time, so as to better treat vaginal inflammation and reduce inflammatory response.

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