During pregnancy, her husband can do the four or five of these 8 things, which proves that it is a qualified husband

Guide: Wife just pregnant with a second child. Do you want to get closer to his wife?

After pregnancy, the body of pregnant mothers will gradually change, but the status of different pregnant women is very different.Some pregnant mothers are glowing, and some pregnant mothers are embarrassed.Some pregnant mothers are happy every day, while some pregnant mothers are sad every day.In addition to the body’s own reasons, her husband’s way of treating pregnant mothers is different, and it will also make pregnant mothers very different.

Some husbands are particularly intimate. When the wife is pregnant, she is particularly intimate to give her a delicious food, coax her happy, accompany her to check the birth, and take care of the pregnant mother to take care of it.

Some husbands are particularly fresh. When the wife is pregnant, she ignores it. Not to mention, it is delicious, delicious, and accompanying the birth.

These two husbands, one in the sky and one underground. Which of your husband is your husband?

I found that the male colleagues around me were the first good husband. After my wife was pregnant, I was afraid of falling in my hand.See what good things they have done!

After pregnancy, there will be some uncomfortable reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, drowsiness, and loss of appetite. You may feel uncomfortable when cooking.A good husband will change the tricks for the pregnant mother to eat the food to ensure the nutrition of the pregnant mother and help the mother through this difficulty.

In the third trimester, the pregnant mother became awkward, and the action was not very convenient.Can’t do heavy work, bend over for a long time, can’t squat for a long time, can’t climb high, can’t stretch your arms to dry clothes, enough things.Husband will contract all housework, reduce the burden on pregnant mothers, and make pregnant mothers safer.

During pregnancy, with her husband’s company, my mother will be more at ease.Especially for several important checkups, NT examinations, Tang Si, four -dimensional examinations, and final delivery methods are determined. Both need to take the idea and pregnant mothers with their ideas, and the husband has a strong backing for pregnant mothers.

In the third trimester, it is not convenient to bend over for pregnant mothers, and this simple thing to wash her feet will become difficult.The husband will help to get foot washing water and put it beside the pregnant mother. It will also help the pregnant mother to wash and massage their feet to make it the greatest relaxation and prevent lower limb edema.

Pregnant mothers are also prone to calcium deficiency, causing calf cramps.At this time, her husband should send it in handy, quickly let the pregnant mother lie down, raise the leg of the pregnant mother, straighten the feet, and help relieve the cramps.

Pregnant mothers are easy to get out of control. Her husband quickly accompanies chatting, shopping on the street, buying delicious food, and coaxing.Help pregnant mothers to relieve bad emotions and let the fetus develop healthy.

If you are pregnant with a second child, there is a big treasure in the family who needs to take care of it. Dabao diet, study, and entertainment must be accompanied by adults.The pregnant mother is pregnant with a class, and then takes care of Dabao. It is inevitable that her husband will bear this responsibility.

The child’s company needs not only the mother, but also the dad. Dad plays an important role in the growth of the child. The company’s company will become more brave, strong, and rational, so the father is closer to.

It is not even time to take birth. By 37 weeks, the fetus is full, and the danger of mobilization at any time is at any time.If you break the water, you can’t go to the hospital, you can also accompany your husband.Her husband should take leave in time and accompany the pregnant mother to be admitted to the hospital for delivery.

In short, after the wife is pregnant, her husband plays an important role.Her husband also has his own work and life, and he will not face everything. If you can do the above four or five things, even a good husband.The new second child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, Qingyun plan winner, was invited by multiple platforms.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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