During pregnancy, I drink coffee, eat ice cream, do not drink old hen soup …

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Regarding pregnancy, many readers let me write an article on how to pay attention to diet and control weight.

To be honest, I found that after giving birth to children, breastfeeding, the requirements for diet are much higher than during pregnancy. Sometimes I do n’t pay attention, and the ball gives me a color.

In the confinement, I ate a little greasy, so he farted and shit.I dare to dare, the vegetables are slightly greasy, and I eat water.

After giving birth to the ball, I haven’t drank coffee anymore. I was so excited that he couldn’t sleep through the baby’s body through milk.

And there is not so much attention during pregnancy, except for a little change.

For example, I like to eat Japanese ingredients. After pregnancy, I have never eaten things that have been raw.I like to drink a little wine with my friends, but since preparing for pregnancy, I have never touched the wine again.

In other respects, my life has not changed much, how to eat and how to eat.So much, my friends around me told me that seeing me pregnant and not anxious about having children.

There is nothing to do about diet

As I mentioned earlier, I do n’t eat raw, do n’t drink, and about diet, I really have nothing to do.

My colleagues and I gathered for a meal, went to eat barbecue, and also ate hot pot.

▲ Dinner, let’s eat barbecue together

Before pregnancy, I had the habit of drinking coffee. After pregnancy, I asked the doctor if I could drink coffee?

The doctor told me that you can drink it, as long as you do not exceed 200 mg of caffeine every day.

Well, I still order a cup of Starbucks’s latte every day, but I changed from a large cup to a cup.I usually drink afternoon tea with my friends, and I also drink coffee like them.

Really, drinking coffee is so happy. It has given me strong support. I just get pregnant. I can still live the life I want to live and do what I want to do.

▲ At 38 weeks of pregnancy, coffee still drinks up

After pregnancy, my taste changed, that is, I like to eat ice cream, hahaha, then I basically eat two in a week. On the premise of controlling weight, I like to eat it.

▲ Ice cream is so delicious, I am very happy every time I eat

Since the first three months of pregnancy, before my diet and pregnancy, there were not much difference, there were no special taboos, and there was no special nutrition, no old hen soup, etc., just three meals a day to ensure that nutrition is good.Essence

Since there are no taboos, do I eat the sea every day?

No, no exaggeration, the healthiest way for pregnant women, instead asking themselves according to the state of weight loss.

My family cares about me and feels that I am too thin. I often say that I want to eat more.Objectively speaking, most babies are excess nutrition now, which is not enough.

Because the weight control was well controlled, my entire pregnancy inspection was a green light. Every time I went to the birth check, after a routine examination, I saw the doctor. It was really completed at a super fast speed. 5 minutes.

It is not that the doctor is not serious, but my various indicators are very good, there is nothing to tell.

My doctor once joked to me, "Your condition is so good that I can say nothing."

Really, if you want your mother to be healthy, the baby is healthy, and the postpartum recovery speed is good, it is a secret -controlling weight.

Control weight, control weight, control weight

Important things three times

The weight gain during pregnancy is too fast, which is really a burden. What kind of gestational diabetes and other complications will increase significantly. When producing, it is not easy to give birth and so on.Also, it is not easy to reduce the meat.

The four words that doctors speak the most throughout the delivery process are: control weight.

After the second trimester, it is recommended that we lose more than 1 pound every week. When I was 38 weeks of pregnancy, I weighed 18 pounds in total and controlled well.

But I didn’t hold it, but I still got it, hahaha, I think the baby is about to be born, eat more and strong. Once I bought a donkey meat, it was too delicious. I bought another oneI ate 2 in one breath.

As a result, the ball was born in 40 weeks. I had 5 pounds in the past two weeks.

Throughout pregnancy, a total of 23 pounds had a total of about 20 pounds.The ball was born 7 pounds. For my skeleton, it was a bit big, and it was almost a cesarean section.In the end, the delivery was also torn twice, and a few stitches were sewn.

What a painful lesson, so the sisters who are preparing for pregnancy must control the weight.

Controlling weight and ensuring nutrition is not conflicting at all. This control is mainly to control carbohydrates, not to control eating vegetables and meat.

During the pregnancy, in principle, vegetables can be let go, how much you want to eat, and have a certain amount of intake of protein, chicken, duck, fish, and fish, do not eat too much staple food, 8 points are almost the same.

When I was not pregnant, I rarely eat sweets in order to maintain weight, such as cakes. Occasionally when I want to eat, I eat a few mouthfuls.

Fried foods, such as fried chicken, I almost don’t eat it.After pregnancy, I don’t even eat it.

There is also a type of fat food that everyone is easy to ignore, which is fruit.Fruit sugar is high, fat baby is also fat mother, and has a particularly impact on blood sugar.

I ate slow -raising fruits such as apples and oranges during pregnancy. I don’t eat watermelon and dragon fruit with particularly high fruits. This is also easy to be ignored by many people.

What is even more exaggerated is that I see a mother, I do n’t pay attention, the fruit is eaten as a meal, and some mothers, I feel that the fruit is very nutritious and desperately eat it. As a resultThe test has not been tested (this is a very serious thing for pregnant women. Sugar resistance is the test of pregnant mothers to test blood sugar. If it is not, there is risk of gestational diabetes, and the baby will also have health risks).

If you are too hungry, I recommend preparing some "Huang Fanhu" (cucumber, tomato, carrot). These are very healthy, the carbohydrate content is low, and hunger can be used.

Believe me, I control the weight, and after giving birth to a child, it is particularly fast.

After I was born, when I was discharged, I was 108 pounds. After the confinement, I was 96 pounds, which was almost the same as before pregnancy.

My good friend, Teacher Meng, also returned to the weight before confinement, adding breastfeeding, which is thinner than before pregnancy.

As for what to eat every day, I feel grasped a rough principle. Eat an egg every day, eat some coarse grains, eat more vegetables, and beef, fish, etc., eat less.

However, there is no need to follow any strict recipes. What must be eaten every day, the amount must be accurate to Kel.

I think that once it is so harsh, it is difficult to execute, and it is easy to rebound. The difference is not bad, don’t affect your mood because of this.

Also, usually pay attention, occasionally fly, eat, eat happily, you strictly ask yourself on Monday to Saturday, it does not matter if you go to hot pot, ice cream, etc. on the weekend.

Other nutrition, make up according to needs

When you are preparing for pregnancy, you need to supplement folic acid in the first three months, which can prevent the fetal congenital cerebral vascular malformations.

What I eat is the most basic of the doctor. A bottle of 9.6 yuan. Teacher Meng eats Eleville, but some people are not suitable for Philons, and they also recommend Kingsley.

After 4 months of pregnancy, I started to replenish calcium tablets. After giving birth, I also eat calcium tablets ➕D3 every day. Calcium must be supplemented. The food is basically not enough. Insufficient calcium will affect the development of the fetus’s bone development. AlsoIt can cause problems such as cramps and osteoporosis of pregnant mothers.

I have been supplemented with iron. According to data, about 40%of pregnant mothers will have iron deficiency anemia.

Even if I had been supplemented by iron during pregnancy, I was still anemia after giving birth. The doctor prescribed me for iron supplementation. I remember "Li Ji Neng" and took a box of 10 capsules.

Mr. Liu also bought me a composite vitamin ➕Dha. I basically eat on time and occasionally forget.

What is supplemented during pregnancy, generally, doctors will give suggestions according to the report of the birth check.

My principle is not to eat randomly. I did n’t eat any pregnant women ’s milk powder, but the supplement should be added. It is mainly through food. If it is not enough, add the nutritional products recommended by the doctor.

But I personally think that everything is an appropriate principle, and I am not a special doctor. There are many check -up during pregnancy. At that time, what to make up for, ask the doctor more.

Let me emphasize that controlling weight, relaxing mood, don’t worry about insufficient nutrition, really not enough, it will not affect the normal growth and development of the baby. In the past, parents were pregnant at that time.It looks good.

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