During pregnancy, if pregnant women have not experienced these three symptoms, you should be happy

After pregnancy, the fetus in the abdomen will develop day by day, the body of the pregnant woman will change day by day, and it will also be accompanied by many symptoms during pregnancy.

And some pregnant women are prone to some discomfort. The body feels uncomfortable with the body of the pregnant woman, and she is worried that it will affect the baby’s development.

In fact, there are some situations that the worries of pregnant women are superfluous, but there are some situations that cannot be ignored.

So today I will talk about some physical reactions during pregnancy. During pregnancy, if pregnant women have not experienced these three symptoms, you should be happy!

During pregnancy, if you have no these three situations, let’s be happy, the fetus is developing healthy

One, abnormal abdominal pain

The symbol of a woman’s pregnancy is the fertilized egg in bed successfully, and when the fertilized eggs are just bed, a sensitive woman may feel pain in the lower abdomen. This is a normal post -pregnancy reaction and is called bed pain.

And during pregnancy, sometimes pregnant women may feel mild abdominal pain. If they can be relieved soon, it is normal in most cases.

However, if abnormal abdominal pain occurs during pregnancy, and even accompanied by vaginal bleeding, do not hesitate at this time. It is best to go to the hospital for examination to avoid fetal abortion.

Second, abnormal fetal movement

I believe that many pregnant mothers have heard that during pregnancy, the fetal movement can be effectively monitored through a fixed number of fetal movements.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should master the normal fetal movement status. Generally, the fetal movement is 3 to 4 times in an hour, and the fetal movement will move 30 to 40 times in 12 hours.

If the pregnant mother suddenly feels abnormal fetal movement, such as the sudden decrease in fetal movement, or the sudden increase in fetal movement, or not feeling the fetal movement for a long time.Go to the hospital for examination.

Third, leg cramps

In the middle and late pregnancy, many pregnant women are prone to leg cramps when they sleep at night.

In fact, it is normal for pregnant women to occasionally have this symptom, but if pregnant women often have leg cramps, they are actually reminding you that calcium deficiency in the body will not only affect the health of pregnant women, but also affect the development of the fetus in the abdomen.Therefore, pregnant women should take an appropriate amount of calcium during pregnancy.

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