During pregnancy, if there are 3 colors of underwear, don’t feel normal, maybe the fetus is asking for help

Each child was born in October in October. Naturally, he has a natural emotional connection with his mother.What do you do, unhappy.If the baby kicks his belly, the mother thinks it is interacting with herself, but during pregnancy, there are some signals when the baby is uncomfortable. Do n’t ignore the pregnant mothers.

When fetal development is abnormal, pregnant mothers usually find abnormal fetal movements and symptoms such as redness and abdominal pain. These pregnant mothers can feel it directly, but some signals are not so obvious. Moms should pay more attention.Everyone knows that underwear is the closest to private parts, and some changes on the underwear can also reflect some changes in your uterine cavity.Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to the secretions on their underwear, so as to judge the health of the baby.After pregnancy, there are these changes on the underwear, suggesting that the fetus may be dangerous, and the pregnant mother should pay more attention!

During pregnancy, if there are 3 colors of underwear, don’t feel normal, maybe the fetus is asking for help!

1. Red blood secretions

Although some pregnant mothers have bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, it is caused by fertilized eggs in bed, not every pregnant mother.If you find that there is a red blood secretion on the underwear during pregnancy, it may be the help signal sent by the fetus to you, it is likely to be because the placenta falls off prematurely or other more serious cases. At this time, the pregnant mother must maintain emotional stability.Go to the hospital for examination in time and follow the doctor’s arrangement.

2. Brown discharge

Some pregnant mothers do some exercise appropriately during pregnancy. If you have many secretions on the underwear after exercise, and the color is relatively darker, especially if there is a tan or darker secretions, then the pregnant mother must pay more attention. This must pay more attention. This must pay more attention.It is likely that the fetus is asking you for help, saying that he is dangerous.At this time, the pregnant mother must go to the hospital for examination to see if the fetal gas is moved to cause the fetal baby to be unstable. Although some appropriate exercise can be done during pregnancy, remember not to excessive exercise.

3. Semi -transparent secretion

In the third trimester, after the fetus enters the basin, if the pregnant mother finds that there is a translucent secretion on the underwear, it is likely that the amniotic fluid breaks up early and there are signs of premature birth.The hips are raised a little, and then notify the family to go to the hospital immediately, because the fetus may be born at any time.

For pregnant mothers, you must pay attention to all kinds of things during pregnancy. Don’t ignore even small details, because this is possible to reflect the health status of the baby’s baby. In addition to the above three cases, what are the cases?Is the baby sent a help signal to the pregnant mother?

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