During pregnancy, itching in a woman’s private parts?You need to know these things, don’t mess around

Most women will have persistent or paroxysmal itching during pregnancy. The itching sensation is generally concentrated in the vagina and labia minora. The itching sensing may be radiated near the anus.If you scratch it with your hands, you may be infected, which will bring irreversible damage.

Why does the vulva itch during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, lifestyle changes, such as reduced sexual life, fear of fear, always insomnia, etc. can cause itching of the vulva.In addition, the speed of metabolism after pregnancy is accelerated, which stimulates sweat secretion. When the underwear is in a humid state, the underwear or chemical fiber underwear is always worn.

In addition, when suffering from trichomoniasis or mold vaginitis and vulva eczema, itching is intensified.In addition, when gestational diabetes occurs, urine sugar will cause corresponding stimulation to the vulva skin, thereby concurrent vulvitis.When suffering from jaundice caused by hepatobiliary diseases or other diseases, because the bilirubin in the blood is significantly increased, gallbladder salt stimulates the skin and eventually cause itching.

What should I do if Ichidine is vulvar during pregnancy?

1. Choose a regular hospital for treatment

Pregnant women need to choose a regular hospital for examination to see if there are trichomonas or mold. If unfortunately infected, they should actively cooperate with doctors for treatment.If it is caused by hepatobiliary diseases or diabetes, it should be actively treating primary diseases. You cannot scratch it with your hands or rub it, otherwise the symptoms will be aggravated.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene

During pregnancy, the secretions will increase significantly. Be sure to pay attention to personal hygiene, try to adopt the way of shower, and insist on using warm water to clean it every day, wipe it from back to prevent the garbage around the anus from entering the vulva.The basin towels used by pregnant women should be dedicated to the special person. The towels and pots should be washed with hot water and placed in the sun.Choose a better breathability and cotton underwear. Try not to wear tight pants and change the underwear.

3. Adjust your diet

Avoid eating some spicy and irritating foods, and the diet is mainly light to avoid eating seafood and greasy food.Drink plenty of water in summer, eat more green leaves and fruits, so that it can promote urination and help scouring bacteria that adhere to the vulva.

Usually develop good living habits to ensure that there is sufficient sleep to avoid staying up late. If the vulvar itching has not been relieved, it is necessary to receive treatment in a regular hospital to avoid affecting the development of the fetus, maintaining a positive attitude, and avoiding excessive tension and anxiety.Reduce sedentary time, appropriate activities to accelerate blood circulation when the condition allows.

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