During pregnancy, my husband was derailed. What should I do?

“Hello, new life”

The arrival of new life is joy.But the relationship between husband and wife is mutated for a period of time after production.

When I was happy to welcome the first new life, the child’s dad was derailed!Once the mountain alliance sweed like a cloud of smoke.

This blow is tantamount to the thunderbolt!

Even if there are many difficulties in life, I still hope that meter sunlight!

Four months after the first child experienced the fetus, he finally stabilized. Then, he often went out for a walk and breathed fresh air.But bad things always happen inadvertently.

Because, I was about to give birth. When I went shopping to buy children at one time, I found that my husband’s car was parked next to it, and then I looked around and looked for it.A woman next to him held his hand.

At that time, I couldn’t believe my eyes.I thought I was dazzling, rubbed my eyes, and immediately caught up.

But intuition tells me that I read it wrong.

When I caught up with the alley, I found that they had arrived at a hotel, a small hotel, and it was very secretive. In the alley, if I didn’t keep the distance, maybe I couldn’t find this place.

Then, the woman took out her identity card to register. They had to open the room, but they couldn’t hear them because they didn’t dare to rely on too close.Then, I took out my phone and took a background photo for them because I couldn’t take my face.

For the first time, I still have the potential of the agent. I think about why I have no courage to run over and ask him.

Better than him!Be a goddess!

Looking at the two of them, they laughed, and their hearts really collapsed, but their tears blurred their eyes, and they couldn’t see their expressions.

In order to hear their room number, I tried to hide myself and leaned to the door.When they got on the elevator, I ran to the stairs with my stomach with my hand, and then ran to the third floor in one breath because I heard the guest room waiter said that 301 was room 306, because 1 and 6 were a bit unclear, I knewIt’s the third floor.On the third floor, I had a breath, and just walked to the safe exit, and I met them.

My husband looked at me, surprised, startled with that feeling.Then, I slapped him when I got started.Because the woman’s hand was still holding my husband’s hand.

Q: "Do you want to tell me?"

He said, "You are sick, call me at once. How can you come here?"

Hearing this, I have been rolling in the sky, and the volcano is going out!

"who is she?"

"you do not know."

Nonsense, you can take me to know with Xiaosan.

"You have a kind. When I am pregnant, you are derailed, can you afford me?"

He walked to me a few steps and said, "Let’s go home and talk about this."

"We have nothing to say."

I said to the woman, "The bitch, shameless!".

Then I turned around and walked away. I didn’t leave. I was afraid to cry on the spot. Then, I would feel that I was weak, and it was not a way out.At the same time, the bottom of my heart has decided to do.

Hello!New life!Still struggling with emotions!

After returning, I immediately picked up my clothes and went to rent a house outside. Because I was about to give birth, I didn’t want to go back to my mother’s house. I also planned to give birth to this child and raise it myself.

My mother -in -law was strange to see me in a box to put clothes, so I came over and asked me what happened?I showed her the photo and told her the matter.Crying and talking, crying so miserable.

After listening, her mother -in -law scolded her son, persuaded me, and told me not to leave, calling him with a mobile phone.

After he came back, we sat down and talked about it. I resolutely divorced. There was no room for recovery. He refused. Although my mother knew that his son was losing money, he still told me not to divorce.His son gave me the financial power to me and gave me a sense of security. I also found her crying.

My parents are here too, watching me crying to divorce, and my mother cried too!My dad hit him directly, kicked him twice with his feet, and became angry.But they don’t want our divorce.

But I know that this marriage is now the end.

I don’t know how to love me, don’t cherish me, what do you want him to do?There are so many men in the world. I am not gone to me with all my intentions.

If it is you, would you obey your parents and relatives, or do you make a decision to follow your own voice?

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