During pregnancy, please remember to check 3 dental diseases early!It will affect pregnancy

Many people know that when they are preparing for pregnancy, they know that they go to the hospital for related pre -pregnancy examinations in advance, such as some examinations in gynecology or internal medicine to ensure that the body is in the best state.

However, many people ignore the examination of the mouth. When they are told that they need to do oral examination, they will also feel puzzled. Why do they need to check their teeth?

After women are pregnant, hormones in the body will change, and the body’s resistance will decrease, which can easily lead to oral infection.

In addition, the pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy can also cause changes in the mouth, which can cause irritation and damage to the teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to check the oral cavity when preparing pregnancy.

During pregnancy, please remember to check 3 dental diseases early!

1. Gingitis

Related surveys show that 36%—100%of women during pregnancy will suffer from gingivitis during pregnancy.Estrogen in women after pregnancy will increase a lot, especially the rise in progesterone, which can easily cause gingivitis, that is, gingivitis during pregnancy.

Gingivitis will not only increase the pain of pregnant women, but also directly affect the growth and development of the fetus.Generally, the most serious stage of gingivitis is the first two or three months of pregnancy, and it is relatively serious before childbirth.

If you have gingivitis during pregnancy, the gums will be more likely to bleed, and even severe people will also experience gum nipple hyperplasia, leading to forming gum tumors.

And related research also proves that if women who do not have gingivitis before pregnancy, the proportion and severity of gingivitis after pregnancy will be greatly reduced, so early prevention should be prevented.

2. Periodontitis

According to research, many periodontal pathogenic bacteria will enter the blood circulation and spread to the whole body. It may also enter the placenta through blood circulation, which will directly affect the development of the fetus and seriously lead to premature birth.

Because women’s endocrine changes after pregnancy, periodontitis will easily occur.

If you have periodontitis during pregnancy, inflammation will increase after pregnancy, which can directly cause damage to the periodontal tissue, and even cause loosening and falling to the teeth.This not only affects its own health, but also affects the healthy development of the fetus.

Therefore, remember to do oral examination during pregnancy, there are periodontal diseases, and treatment should be performed early.

3. Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth generally cause inflammation, causing limited mouth, and even cause facial swelling and dyspnea.

Because inflammation caused by wisdom teeth is generally easy to occur between 20–35 years old, and there are more women who are pregnant during this period.

If a bacterial infection occurs in wisdom teeth, the surrounding gums will be swollen and painful. It will also cause severe honeycomb tissueitis due to the diffusion of bacteria, which will cause the entire face to swell, unable to open their mouths, and even eat it. Some people are difficult to eat. Some people are difficult to eat.There will also be increased body temperature, headache, whole body discomfort, etc., which will cause danger to pregnant women and fetuses.

Therefore, before pregnancy, you need to do a good job of oral examination, check the situation of wisdom teeth, and determine the removal of wisdom teeth.

How to prevent oral diseases for pregnant mothers?

1. First, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamin C, and reduce gum bleeding.

2. Brush your teeth well during pregnancy. If necessary, you can clean your teeth gaps with dental floss.

3. Timely treating the symptoms of calculus, gingivitis, or loosening tooth to avoid aggravation during pregnancy.

4. Rinse your mouth with fresh saline, which can reduce the survival of bacteria in the mouth.

5. Prevent the occurrence of wisdom tooth crown, do a good job of oral hygiene, and develop the habit of brushing your teeth 3 times a day.

6. Remember to rinse or brush your teeth after meals.

7. Remember to check the mouth during pregnancy, and it is recommended to check the mouth regularly after pregnancy.

If a woman has a tooth problem after pregnancy, remember not to extract teeth during pregnancy. If you have to extract teeth, you must also be carried out during the 4th-June of pregnancy. This is a period of stable pregnancy.If it is a wisdom tooth that must be pulled out by surgery, it is recommended to do it after giving birth.

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