During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have decreased appetite, which may not only be due to pregnancy reactions. There are two reasons.

As soon as I heard the news of pregnancy, whether it was a quasi -mother or her husband or family, it was a joy.Then I started to prepare a variety of nutritious food for expectant mothers, so that the baby can develop better and healthier.The expectant mothers also started to eat themselves very consciously.However, there are some expectant mothers in life without any appetite after pregnancy, and they don’t want to eat anything when they see anything.This also makes the family very anxious.

Xiao Hong is like this.After learning that Xiaohong was pregnant, her husband and mother -in -law bought various nutrients at home.Usually three meals a day are also a variety of soups.However, Xiaohong couldn’t eat it, and when he smelled the taste, he began to run to the toilet.It was helpless to make the family.Originally, my mother -in -law thought that after the first three months, this pregnancy response was good.But who knows that Xiaohong’s symptoms have not changed at all, and the appetite is not as good as before.My mother -in -law started to feel strange. Why did they pass in the early stages of pregnancy? Or is it?Let Xiaohong go to consult a doctor.The doctor checked Xiaohong’s lower body and found that all indicators were still normal. The reason why the appetite decreased was due to too much pressure.

During pregnancy, the first three months of pregnancy may cause loss of appetite due to pregnancy reactions.However, there may be other reasons for the decreased appetite during pregnancy.

1. Persevere mothers insist on going to work after pregnancy.

It is said that it is not easy to raise a child now, and money needs to be used everywhere.Expectant mothers also know this, so even if they are pregnant, they will still stick to work, which can help expectant dads share some economic pressure.Work will definitely be stressed. If the work content is relatively heavy, the expectant mother may forget to eat when she is busy.If you work in addition to the affairs of the family, the stress of expectant mothers will be even greater.In the case of stress, expectant mothers will not be too good at appetite.Therefore, during pregnancy, expectant mothers must not only eat on time, but also the prospective dad should also care about expectant mothers and supervise expectant mothers to eat on time.

2. In order to keep your body, eat very little

Love beauty is the nature of every woman. Even if she is pregnant, expectant mothers still hope to be a beautiful expectant mother.In order to maintain a good figure, expectant mothers may eat less.After a long time, expectant mothers will see that food can not afford interest and decline in appetite.Maybe your body is maintained, but the development of the baby may not be very good, and his health will be affected.Therefore, expectant mothers should not die for weight loss during pregnancy.Mother and fetal baby are the most important health.

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