During pregnancy, pregnant women are too sad and will have 4 effects on the fetus

Pregnant women will fluctuate greatly because of the influence of physical hormones during pregnancy.Generally, pregnant women crying occasionally can express their emotions and relieve the pressure.But excessive sadness of pregnant women may affect fetal development.

1. Develop fetal dysplasia

Pregnant women always have great conjecture and expectations for the fetus, which will increase the spiritual burden and pressure, affecting their emotions.When the mental stress of pregnant women is too large, their emotions will become extremely unstable. They will always care about or sad because of trivial matters, affecting their fetus’s growth and development.In addition, some environmental stimulation or odor and noise in life will also exacerbate the bad emotions of pregnant women.Stay away from the black environment during pregnancy, and stay away from the voice that makes yourself uncomfortable, control your emotions, and eliminate bad emotions in time.Excessive sadness of pregnant women can cause fetal dysplasia or fetal malformations.

2. Make your child timid and fragile and easy to cry

Pregnant women do not control their emotions during pregnancy, which will make the child timid and vulnerable after birth.Fetal baby is easily affected by the bad emotions of pregnant women, and even if the child grows up, it will become cowardly.Pregnant women should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude after pregnancy and relax their spirit.About three months of pregnancy, prenatal education should be carried out.Keep your mental relaxation and happiness during the period, and timely exclude evil thoughts.

3. Cause fetal malformations

The top of the fetus and maxillary bones of the fetus will slowly develop and form. If an accident occurs in the early pregnancy, it will cause pregnant women to be anxious or emotionally unstable, which will cause malformations such as fetal lip or rabbit lips.

4. Affect the child’s intelligence

When pregnant women are mood or excessive during pregnancy, they will affect heart activity, reduce lung capacity, and reduce bleeding amount when the heart shrinks, so that the whole body organs will not get sufficient blood supply, and the uterus will be affected because the placenta gets.Without sufficient blood nourishment, it will affect the baby’s intake of nutrition and yang. If the situation is serious, it may lead to abortion or premature birth.Even if the child is born smoothly, it will affect their IQ and cause the baby’s intellectual development or intellectual barriers, so pregnant women should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude during pregnancy.

Kind tips

If pregnant women are too unstable during pregnancy, they will increase the amount of fetal activity in the abdomen, consume the physical strength of pregnant women, make the child’s weight lighter after birth, and even cause physical dysfunction.It is necessary to maintain a good mentality and alleviate bad psychology by talking or exercise.

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