During pregnancy, stomach reflection and heartburn?Try these little tricks!

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body is prone to various discomforts. During pregnancy, the stomach is acidic and heartburn, which makes the pregnant mother decreased, and her mood is much worse.The phenomenon of stomach acid is prone to occur in the early and in the early pregnancy and the third trimester. At that time, the Summea mother often had no acidity. So how should I relieve in this case?

The level of progesterone and estrogen in the body after pregnancy increases, and the gastrointestinal motility is slowed down, which is prone to gastric acid reflux.Some saying is that the fetus is long hair, so it will cause this way. Of course, if the stomach anti -acidity in the second trimester is getting bigger and bigger, the fetal development will also appear to the stomach.The better meals are a common stomach response during pregnancy.

Pay attention to diet

Eat less sweet potatoes, potatoes and other foods that increase gastric acid secretion, spicy hot, hot pot, ice cream, you can’t eat it!Don’t drink more acidic beverages, such as lemon juice, wine, coffee, carbonated drinks, etc., eat more alkaline fruits and vegetables, such as zucchini tomatoes, and can eat more easy -to -digest foods.

There are wonderful diets

During pregnancy, eat less meals, chew slowly, and eat as much soft rice as possible. The meaning of soft rice means chewing as much as possible.Seven minutes per meal can be full, avoid lying or bending down immediately after meals. If you need to rest, it is recommended to rest in bed after lunch or dinner.

Loose clothes

It is recommended to wear loose maternity clothes during pregnancy, especially underwear and underwear, which cannot be too tight.

Sleeping positions to be adjusted

Pay special attention to the sleeping position during pregnancy. If the situation of stomach acid reflux is more serious, sleep on the upper body with a pillow, which is about 10-15cm, which can effectively reduce the phenomenon of reflux of the gastrointestinal canal.

You can eat some alkaline foods to neutralize the discomfort of gastric acid. For example, eating carrots, steamed buns, bread slices, soda biscuits, bananas, apples, etc. Drinking white radish soup can be smooth, which is very effective for reducing gastric acid.You can also drink more millet porridge, which can also protect the gastric mucosa while neutralizing gastric acid.Black tea can appetite and spleen, and have the functions of blending and convergence of gastric acid secretion. Green tea is very suitable for those with slightly reflux. Remember not to be greedy.

If the above methods cannot relieve the symptoms of gastric acid discomfort, or if the symptoms of gastric acid are more and more serious, you must be alert to gastric diseases such as reflux esophagitis to go to the hospital for examination!

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