During pregnancy, the "peak period" of the fetal stop is dangerous.

Colleague Xiao Zhang was pregnant for more than 2 months, and went to the bathroom in the morning, and found that a bit of brown things flowed out below. Xiao Zhang thought that he had eaten the wrong thing and did not take this matter. However, at night, these brown things became more and more and more.Many, Xiao Zhang was a little panicked. He hurriedly called a car to the hospital with her husband.Disappointed to Xiao Zhang said that the baby was gone, and the fetus stopped developing.Xiao Zhang cried sadly.

Let’s first understand what is fetal stopping?

Tire stopping refers to the phenomenon that the embryo develops to a stage to stop continuing development.Fertilization eggs are like a seed. You must experience a series of complex and wonderful processes in order to eventually grow into a healthy baby.

If at the beginning, the fertilized eggs develop abnormal development and automatically terminate the development of the development of "embryo". Embryo is during the natural abortion.It is "natural abortion".

In the early stages of pregnancy, the "peak period" of fetal stop, why?

In the early pregnancy, it refers to the critical period of embryonicization in the first three months of pregnancy, and the embryo is not stable in the mother’s uterus in the early pregnancy.Early, it was a fast period for the development of fetal nervous system.Therefore, this period is also the most vulnerable period of the whole pregnancy. At this time, the baby has not stabilized.It is easy to happen to happen or stop inbuilding.

Breeding a healthy baby is the greatest expectation of every expectant parent. No one is willing to encounter this situation.Fetal stops are greatly harmful to both female physiology and psychology.

So in the early pregnancy, do you want to be dangerous for your baby, how should pregnant mothers spend it smoothly?

1. It is not suitable to use cool oil, wind oil essence

In hot summer, cool oil and wind oil essence is a must -have for many families. Some people use them to refresh. Some people use them to prevent mosquito bite and alleviate mild heat stroke symptoms such as dizziness caused by summer heat.However, it is very harmful for pregnant women to often use cool oil and wind oil essence.

I have a colleague who does not know her children in the summer. She usually recruits mosquitoes. She often uses cool oil and wind oil essence. One day, I found that the following bleeding was found.The fetus stopped, and my colleague regretted it.Later, she was pregnant with her daughter, and she dared not stick to the cool oil and wind oil at all.

Although cooling oil and wind oil essence are topical medicines, they are mainly mint oil, camphor and other components. These ingredients can be absorbed and entered by the skin. Through blood circulation, the placenta will enter the fetus.The most harm.Therefore, pregnant women should not use cool oil and wind oil essence.

2. Far away from the source of danger

Before the fetus was born, although the mother’s body was protected in the uterus, the external environment would still have an impact on him.

If pregnant women are engaged in chemical industry, it is easier to contact chemicals than ordinary people, which is not conducive to mother and baby health.If pregnant mothers often come into contact with heavy metal industries such as lead, mercury, cadmium, manganese, etc., some information shows that the proportion of pregnant women’s tires is significantly higher than that of normal people.

I remember that there was a female laboratory in our university. She told us that because she worked in the laboratory for a long time, she was pregnant twice, and warned our female classmates to stay away from the chemical work environment with heavy metals after pregnancy.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother is engaged in some dangerous industries, then we must first consider changing work or suspending work.

3. Never use medicine

Within about 1 week of sperm and eggs, the fertilized eggs have not been bed in the uterine endometrium. At this time, the impact of fertilized egg conceive mothers has a small impact.

However, after the embryo enters the uterus, any adverse factors may cause harm to the fetus, and many pregnant women who are pregnant for the first time have insufficient pregnancy experience, or they do not understand the physical response at all.Cold medicines are taken, which not only cannot achieve the effect of treatment, but also may cause harm to the baby in the stomach.

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