During pregnancy, the bras are uncomfortable or affect the mother’s postpartum breastfeeding. Remember to change the breasts after pregnancy

Poly is a middle -level manager of a certain enterprise. After learning that she was pregnant, she was a little surprised. She was facing the promotion selection of posts. She did not want to give up her career. She really didn’t want to miss this important and rare promotion opportunity.Therefore, even if she was pregnant, she still kept a capable white -collar dress.

During the pregnancy test, the doctor reminded Pauli, "After pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s breasts will change the same as that of her body, and it will be more comfortable to replace underwear suitable for the size." When she heard the doctor, Bolly was surprised, but she stillNodded obediently.

However, although the doctor’s kind reminder was received, Bolly, who did not want to change because of the identity of the pregnant woman in her heart, finally stubbornly insisted on the size of the bras before pregnancy.

When chatting with friends, Pauli Tucao’s embarrassment of pregnant women in the workplace, "Unwilling to be labeled by a pregnant woman and questioning the ability to work naked.I dare not wear my bra. "

As a friend who came here, she knew Bo Li’s embarrassment, but she persuaded him, "The bad breasts are not uncomfortable for pregnant women, but it may also affect the health of the breast. After giving birth to a babyWoolen cloth!"

The words of friends made Bao Li silent for a long time without a stubble. The friend went on to say, "It’s hard to get pregnant, so don’t be embarrassed by yourself. How can you work with your children?" In fact, it doesn’t matterThinking that it would affect breastfeeding, Polaroid regretted it.At the end of Bao Li said, "It is not important to set up the people in the workplace. You can’t let your children get milk. I will go to the underwear shop in a while."

After pregnancy, hormone secretions such as hormones and progesterone in pregnant women will change with deepening pregnancy. In order to better prepare for the lactation in the future, the breasts of pregnant women are like "secondary development".After 3 months of pregnancy, the breasts of pregnant women will develop rapidly, affected by early pregnancy reactions, and some pregnant women have obvious breast bloating and pain.

At this stage, the breasts of pregnant women are expanding out of the lower half. The bras of the breasts before pregnancy before pregnancy are no longer suitable.

At 5 months of pregnancy, the growth of pregnant women’s breasts has become more obvious. The size of the bras should not be the same as before pregnancy. Most pregnant women will be more comfortable than one code before pregnancy.

At 7 months of pregnancy, the breast size of the pregnant woman is 2 size larger than before pregnancy. If the braid size of the bras before pregnancy, the breasts of the pregnant woman will have a clear sense of tightness.

It is worth mentioning that the "secondary development" of the breast during pregnancy during pregnancy will gradually return to the pre -pregnancy level with the end of breastfeeding.If women do not care for breasts during this period, this is likely to cause breast sagging and other situations.

During pregnancy, the bras with inappropriate sizes can easily cause excessive compression of the breasts of pregnant women, and the blood circulation of breasts is not smooth.In the long run, pregnant women are easily troubled by breast problems, such as breast nodules and breast hyperplasia.

If the breast hyperplasia of pregnant women is more serious, the pregnant woman may have problems when breastfeeding, which will affect the normal progress of breastfeeding.

1. Choose the bras of pure cotton material

Pregnant women have accelerated metabolism during pregnancy, and their bodies are relatively easy to sweat, and materials with good sweat absorption are more suitable.At the same time, compared to ordinary underwear, the bras should be weakened during pregnancy, so the choice of materials should be as simple as possible.

Pure cotton -made underwear allows pregnant women to gain a softer dressing experience. At the same time, its good sweat absorption can also help maintain the skin of the breasts of the pregnant woman.

In addition, in the third trimester, pregnant women’s breasts will have a small amount of milk secretion. When choosing a personal milk pad, it should be more suitable for pure cotton fabric.

2. Select the full -cover underwear style

The style of the full cup can play a better support for pregnant women’s breasts, which can help prevent the chest sagging.At the same time, this style of underwear is more fitted with the chest shape of pregnant women to ensure the support of the support and wearing a comfortable experience.

Try to choose the style of the soft steel tray when choosing this style of the bra. Traditional steel wire ring underwear is stressed to pregnant women’s breasts, which can easily cause breast blockage and induce mastitis.

3. Choose more comfortable underwear models

Compared with narrow shoulder straps, the bras of wide shoulder straps can better disperse the weight pressure of the chest and reduce the shoulder burden on pregnant women.At the same time, the effect of the brake chest of wide shoulder straps is better.

Choosing a width of the lower circumference can improve the comfortable experience of the bras, and the support effect is significant.The side wing -wide bra can better help pregnant women to converge and the auxiliary breasts, which is good for all -round parcels.

Generally, every 2-3 months after pregnancy, pregnant women will change the bras of the bras, so that the chest can be "not aggrieved", and at the same time, they can also prepare for postpartum lactation in advance.In fact, in addition to affecting breastfeeding, uncomfortable bras can also affect the mood and quality of life during pregnancy.


Choosing suitable bras should be considered from various aspects such as materials, styles, models, etc., which must not only reduce the sense of oppression on the chest, but also play a certain role in support, so that pregnant women will be healthier and more comfortable to wear.Life during pregnancy is not easy. Pregnant mothers who have the heavy responsibility should allow themselves to have a more relaxed life experience during pregnancy.

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