During pregnancy, the fetus has these performances, indicating that what is pregnant with a "smart baby"

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother will start to imagine what the baby will be. Some pregnant mothers will see their favorite love beans in order to grow their favorite appearance, and even look at some poster photos every day.So, how can the baby’s intellectual development be judged?

After Xiaoxin was pregnant, her husband recorded his entire pregnancy, such as talking to the baby every day, or listening to the music with the baby. After the third trimester, Xiaoxin found that when he talked to the baby, the baby would be a baby would be a baby.Xiaoxin was very happy through the fetal movement. She did not expect that her baby could distinguish her voice in her belly. When Xiaoxin’s husband spoke to the baby, the baby would not have a significant response.After birth, Xiaoxin will talk to the baby in the stomach every day. This hint makes the family say that the baby is a smart and lovely little guy.

Xiaoxin communicates with the baby every day to record the baby’s development process. This shows that the baby will obviously respond to the mother’s voice after the third trimester.So which symptoms prove that the baby is smart?First of all, the pregnant mother’s diet is very balanced. Some pregnant mothers will eat rapidly after pregnancy, thinking that the baby will develop well for intelligence. In fact, if there is a problem with cooking, the baby will allow the baby to split cellsToo slow, it will make the baby’s intelligence develop less good.This is why some pregnant mothers have pregnancy vomiting, and babies can also use their special feelings to feel that some foods are not very nutritious.

During the pregnancy, the pregnant mother is difficult to control due to the secretion of progesterone and emotional aspects. It may always cry because of a little thing. After the mothers are volatile outside, the fetus in the belly will feelWhen you are unhappy, you will feel that your baby is not very moving. This is the baby who wants to accompany her mother quietly, so when pregnant, pregnant mothers should try to control their emotions as much as possible and do not easily get angry.

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother should always communicate with the baby as much as possible. Pioneering to the baby is a major prerequisite for the baby’s intellectual development. Only by letting the baby feel the love of the pregnant mother, the baby can respond.Promote the best source of baby development.

On the road of parenting, we are all novices. How to take care of children better, we can pay attention to me, and discuss those things on the childcare road with me.

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