During pregnancy, there are sweetness and sweetness. After laughter, how do you find that you find that you are pregnant?

Breeding is a happy and magical thing.Some couples have quietly arrived without knowing it, and some couples need to experience a long process of pregnancy in order to usher in their beloved babies. When the expectant mothers realize the existence of the little baby, TA earlyJust grow small arms and calves!

Soul torture: How do you find that you are pregnant?

A. Pregnancy really has a lot to do with the mood!IntersectionIntersection

I used to have a good temper before, and now I think about it. I was really abnormal during that time. I was unhappy. I only needed a little thing to get angry.Lili said.I ca n’t concentrate on my attention when I work, and I ’ve dumped their faces directly to the boss; when I go home from get off work, I have to quarrel when I see my husband playing with my mobile phone. I really feel bad every day.One day I went to the supermarket to buy things, and when I smelled the garlic flavor, I suddenly went to the pharmacy to buy the pregnancy test stick.Then I know that I am pregnant!

B. Suddenly interested in disgusting food

I didn’t like to drink yogurt before, until one day, I especially wanted to drink and not to drink.So I diverted their attention to washing clothes. Suddenly, I thought of the saliva when I thought of drinking yogurt, haha, but I still insisted on enduring it for half an hour.Furious!My husband saw that I was wrong, and quickly went downstairs to buy a yogurt, so that I had enough to drink.Afterwards, he felt that I was too abnormal, so he suddenly asked me if I was pregnant?I asked me stupidly, and I was pregnant when I try it ~~~ So my baby’s name is called Little Yogurt ~

C. The magical fetal dream

I felt particularly sleepy for a while, I couldn’t wake up, I didn’t sleep enough every day, and I dreamed every day. I always dreamed that a little boy was chatting with me. I saw him in the dream.I always feel like a young and fat child.The holiday was postponed for a long time, and I was pregnant after checking. Later, I did give birth to a white fat boy. I love to laugh without crying or noisy. It is really an angel baby!

D. "Second Development" suddenly

Just after returning with my husband’s honeymoon, I felt that I was uncomfortable.It was a bit swollen, and it hurts, and it seemed really big.I have always felt that my chest was small, and I was surprised to think that the breasts were developed for the second time!My second -goods husband also said it was his own credit.As a result, my mother -in -law knew, let me quickly test with the pregnancy test stick, oh oh ~ it was pregnant!

During pregnancy, there are sweetness and sweetness. After laughter, how do you find that you find that you are pregnant?

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